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Isolation day 19, taking pictures. #photography

Photography is an art when you’re expressing yourself. I’ve been chronicling my time in isolation using my camera and taking pictures. It’s my third week in isolation and isolation day 19. I only have my  house and garden to wander around looking for subjects so I decided to combine words with a picture to produce an image that says something.

isolation day 19

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Isolation day 17, Sunday thoughts #ramble

It’s isolation day 17 and I hear of more and more people in the community coming down with covid_19. I’ve been aware of the pandemic since December when I spoke to friends in China. They controlled it eventually and we can too but some poor decisions were made at the beginning of the infection in the UK. The ‘herd immunity’ plan would have overwhelmed our health service and the lockdown came a week or two too late. The Cheltenham Festival and many other events should have been stopped. The biggest mistake was not learning from other countries. Surgical masks could have been provided to all essential workers right from the start. NHS workers should have had FFP3 masks much earlier too.

isolation day 17

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Isolation day 15, alone but not lonely #pandemic

Yes, I’m on day 15 of my isolation but I’m not really lonely. I’m quite used to being alone now. I do like to wander around taking photographs, though. I’ll wander to the bottom of the garden later and photograph the dandelions! I’m alone, but not lonely. I’m also planning the next amendment of my grocery list for delivery on Monday. I have a nearly full freezer now and I’ve been trying to store protein foods. I now have to consider fruit, vegetables and drinks. I need more teabags!

alone but not lonely

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Isolation day 13, something to do #photography

I’m on isolation day 13, nearly two weeks already! I’ve been trying to document my isolation in photographs as well as doing the garden and planning how I will survive. I’ve also been planning the future. What will I do when this is all over? I’ll find something to do, maybe something new.

something to do

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Day 10 of my isolation #ramble

It’s Sunday and so as always I’ll share my thoughts with you. It’s day 10 of my isolation and it going well. I must admit I get frustrated with the stupid people. I see essential workers in other countries wearing PPE especially masks and we are only just appealing for PPE for council workers. The army is having to deliver hastily acquired PPE to hospitals. Talk about too little, too late.

On day 10 of my isolation, I am wondering how long this will last. They usually say 12 weeks but on one occasion they said 16 weeks.

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Day 8 of my isolation #covid_19 #pandemic

It’s day 8 of my isolation and I’m still relatively sane. I’ve been gardening and have planted potatoes in containers and I will plant some in the garden too. I also have some runner bean seed that I’ll plant in pots and a container sometime in April. I don’t have any canes for the runner beans but I think I can improvise!

Day 8 of my isolation

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Day 6 of my isolation #covid_19 #pandemic

It’s day 6 of my isolation and things are going quite well. I managed to get another slot for food delivery and I’m slowly adjusting to my new situation. I don’t miss people too much but I do miss my photography outings. I hope that the isolation will end in the summer and I can make up for lost time and get out and about and add to my portfolio of pictures.

day 6 of my isolation

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Coping with isolation #covid_19 #health

My intention was to self-isolate today because of my age and health issues. I adopted social distancing on Tuesday and have only been close to two people since then. I went for a blood test on Thursday and wore a surgical mask. So I’m three days into total lockdown. I’m coping with isolation. After 7 days, I think I’ll be able to assume I’m not infected.

coping with isolation

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Getting ready for lockdown #covid_19

It’s been a while since I have written a post. I even missed my rambling Sunday post. There is so much to think about. I’ll be going into lockdown at the weekend. The government says for 12 weeks. I think it will be longer. Covid_19 would probably kill me. At the very least, it would be very unpleasant. So I’m preparing for lockdown. I’m not a very social person anyway so maybe it will be easier for me. I have to keep busy and keep solving the many problems I’m sure will be thrown up.

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An era of health crisis #health

In the UK we have a mental health crisis and now we have Covid-19 which will add to people’s anxiety and depressive thoughts. Perhaps we should have a referendum and let the people decide what to do about Covid-19? Yes, a ridiculous idea, we should listen to the  experts. I do worry that the experts are being influenced by the politicians who are more worried about the economy when it should be the other way around.

health crisis

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Age of the image #photography #art

Last night, I watched Age of the Image on BBC 4. It demonstrated very clearly the power of images, both still images and moving images. I think we are in the age of the image with digital cameras and mobile phones with built-in cameras. However, not all of those images are good images. Some of those images are badly composed, some will be blurred and so on. Even when we take out all the bad ones we are still left with millions of very good images on every subject, recording life in the 21st century.

age of the image

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Covid-19 and the odds against getting it

It’s Sunday and so as usual I’ll share my thoughts with you. I usually write this post early on Sunday morning but I had so much on my mind today I forgot about it! Of course, Covid-19 is on my mind and I’m hoping all my family are safe from it. My sister is on a cruise. I’ve been passing on useful information via Facebook. The main thing to remember is to wash your hands well and frequently. I also advised people to stop hugging and touching people and today I posted about sterilising surfaces with bleach in a ratio of 1 part bleach and 10 parts water.

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