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Words and pictures #social media

You can get quite a powerful message across to your audience with an image that is not just a picture but contains one or two words as well. Today’s picture contains just one word and gets across a Victorian image for no particular purpose. I designed the image as an exercise just to see what I could do with a photograph. People make assumptions when they view photographs and although we see thousands of images in a year on television, in magazines, newspapers and online they all have some effect on us. Words and pictures combined have an even greater effect.

words and pictures

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Do the right thing #ramble

I am sometimes asked to give advice on certain issues that are often personal to the person asking for the advice and I usually advise them to do what they think is right. It isn’t always easy but if you consider and do the right thing you can have a clear conscience. I had to consider a few questions this week and then simply do the right thing. Incidentally, this week’s Sunday ramble is being written on Saturday because I’m photographing the Cheer Angels and Air Scouts in the morning who will be “Walking Home for Christmas” and doing a sponsored walk.

 do the right thing

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The economic outlook #economy

I’m almost scared to try to judge the economic outlook for the UK since the Brexit referendum. The value of the pound dropped dramatically against the reserve currency which increased the price of many imported goods and coming at a time so close to the 2008 economic crash it was combined with austerity. The economic outlook wasn’t all bad, though.

 economic outlook

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Why are there so many haters? #politics

I read this week that Nigel Farage has left UKIP because it has become too right-wing even for him. UKIP now has a special advisor in Tommy Robinson (not his real name) who is quite good at making excuses for his racist and xenophobic views. I am getting really sick of people who hate other people. My photo today is of Noddy Holder who I photographed at the hospital four years ago. That was a nice friendly occasion and Noddy is one of the good guys. Why can’t everyone be kind? Why are there so many haters?

Why are there so many haters?

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Exposure compensation #photography

I find I learn something new about photography all the time. Exposure is the amount of light that hits the sensor on a digital camera. It was the amount of light hitting the film on the old film cameras. To increase the exposure, you can slow the shutter speed, open the aperture up or increase the ISO. Exposure compensation allows you to easily adjust the exposure a little while shooting.

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Celebrate your creativity #challenge

The 64 million artists weekly challenge for this week is to celebrate. “We challenge you to find your moments of celebration through-out the week – the big, the small and the in-between”.  If you’re creative, then you do celebrate your creations all the time. You might just read that poem and smile or look at and consider your latest artwork and take a moment of pleasure from knowing you did well! You can celebrate your creativity with moment after moment of satisfaction.

celebrate your creativity

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Know your place #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so once again I’ll let you into the neural labyrinth and share my thoughts with you. This website is about ideas and they are obviously different ideas, otherwise, it would be boring and no one would read my ramblings. I don’t watch Coronation Street or Emmerdale, I think they have a dumbing down effect on British working-class society. Eastenders is even worse. I am sick of hearing the working class clichés that posh actors repeat ad nauseam to make themselves sound like one of us. They end up more working class than we are, using clichés like “to be fair”, at the “end of the day” and other nauseating standardised clichés that describe middle England’s view of the workers; know what I mean? If they actually make a film with working-class characters the dialogue is littered with four-letter expletives because we common people can’t talk proper, can we? Yes, you working classes should know your place. You will be portrayed as ignorant and stupid.

know your place

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Going over to the dark side #life

We’re all going over to the dark side now as the winter solstice approaches. In ancient times they actually believed in the evil spirits of winter and looked for evergreens like mistletoe, holly and ivy to protect them from the dark side. The evergreens were thought to have magical properties that kept them green all through winter.

the dark side

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We dow need no education #education

Excuse my corruption of the lyrics of “Another brick in the wall” (Pink Floyd) into Black Country dialect but my title will be tweeted and Twitter doesn’t like apostrophes! Anyway, I’ll stick with it for now. We dow need no education could have been my anthem at school, had Pink Floyd recorded it 20 years earlier.

need no education?

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Winter low-light #photography

It is officially late autumn but we have winter weather and dark skies. How can we take photographs in such poor light? This is when a DSLR with its larger sensor proves to be better than a bridge camera. The pupil of the eye dilates when it’s darker letting in more light and so we can’t judge how much light we have, accurately.  You can use your camera as a light meter and get a better idea of how much light you have. I set my camera on shutter priority and 1/100 of a second. If the camera sets the aperture wide then I know I don’t have enough light and can increase my ISO. Winter low-light can give us dark misty shots or we can set the camera to use all the available light. When we do snowy scenes there is usually lots of light reflected by the snow.

winter low-light

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I am not getting paid, honest! #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I share my thoughts with you. I usually write half this post before I think of a title but today I have a title! I am not getting paid to write this, honest! This, according to the public relations people means I am more likely to be believed. I have no ulterior motive for influencing my readers. I am a micro-influencer according to the PR people. I don’t have millions of readers but I do influence important people, like you! Of course, I influence far more people with social media than with my blog but in a very different way.

I am not getting paid

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Back to being a millionaire? #finance

I’ve seen a few adverts on social media about minor celebrities who have lost their riches only to find a new way to make money and return to being millionaires. The new way, it seems, is to invest in Bitcoin or some other crypto. It is an easy way to make money but only for those actually doing the ICO, the initial coin offering. I find it hard to believe this scam has gone on for so long but our politicians are involved in investment scams and off-shore tax evasion so how can we expect them to regulate the finance industry? Back to being a millionaire? I doubt it!

back to being a millionaire

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