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Producing content #ramble #socialmedia

It’s Sunday morning and so I will share my thoughts with you once again. Some years ago, I was invited to join a social media group for student journalists. The students were required to join the Facebook group, start a LinkedIn group, set up a LinkedIn professional profile and start a blog. I’m still a member of the Facebook group and LinkedIn group. I tried to advise the students and learnt something from the experience too. Social media is now a huge industry and one that has attracted the attention of lawmakers as it becomes so pervasive and part of our everyday lives. Today, I’m thinking about producing content for social media.

part of producing content for myblog

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Paper losses #finance #investments

We don’t actually make a profit or a loss on shares until we sell. When a share price rises or falls we make so-called paper losses or paper gains. In my case, the gains and losses are recorded on a spreadsheet.  The loss I made on Carillion recently was a real loss because the company went into liquidation but most losses are paper losses and the share often recovers. Immupharma plunged over 70% this week and that wiped over 20% off my portfolio and far more from my expected return. It was a major blow, so what can I do now? I just have to see it in context and do more research. The results of their pivotal phase three trial weren’t as good as expected and the price plunged by over £1.00 a share. I have read the results of the trial and I think, as someone who suffers from lupus, that the drug still has a lot of potentials and so does the company. The share price has recovered a little since Tuesday.

responding to paper losses

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Focusing on depth #photography

Through the winter it has been difficult to get out and take photos but there have been some opportunities. The snow, while creating difficulties reflected lots of light and provided some picturesque scenes. The rain is more difficult to cope with. When I came out of my writers’ group meeting on Saturday it was bright sunlight but that too can present problems with overexposed shots and dark shadows. For the street shots, I decided on narrow apertures and shot at around f/8. I would have gone much wider if I had been zooming in on the people. I was focusing on subjects fairly close by and so a relatively shallow depth of field seemed appropriate. I was also focusing on depth as I composed the shots.

DARLASTON - focusing on depth

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Poetry and problems #ramble

Yes, it’s Sunday morning and so once again I share my thoughts with you. I’ve been doing less writing for my blog this year and even less photography. I have joined a writers’ group and so I’ve been trying to write some poetry. One poem upset a few people on Facebook and I had to delete it.  Some people are way too sensitive to be on social media. Poetry seems to have re-entered my life.

poetry and problems

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Bitcoin and bubbles #finance #investments

I have seen two adverts on Facebook this morning for money-making schemes that turned out to be Bitcoin schemes. One was using Piers Morgan’s image and name to promote a scheme and the other surprisingly was using the name and image of Martin Lewis, the so-called ‘money saving expert’.

Beware bitcoin

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Industrial scenes and white balance #photography

The light changes all the time and we can set the white balance on a DSLR to suit the light and we can also choose scenes that suit the light. It was a grey light on Sunday because it was quite cloudy and I chose industrial scenes to photograph.

an industrial image

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Comics and trolls #ramble

Yes, it’s Sunday morning again and so I will let you into the labyrinth of neurons and share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? Well, the weather’s better, we might reach a double-digit temperature this afternoon so I think I’ll go out and do a bit of photography. I’ve had comics on my mind this week because we have a Charlie Grigg exhibition on in Wednesbury art gallery.

comics and trolls

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Pharmaceuticals and fantasy #finance

I had a good week again this week, thanks to Immupharma which climbed to 174 on Tuesday only to fall back to 155 on Wednesday. Yesterday it was up again and although volatile it is staying around 173 today. Verona Pharma climbed to 180 last week and fell back to 170 this week but that still gives me a good return. So it was largely the pharmaceuticals that have given my portfolio a lift last week and this week. That was a 9% rise over the two weeks and a great improvement.

invest in pharmaceuticals?

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Aperture and depth of field #photography

I mostly shoot on aperture priority and so I need to measure the light and set the ISO and then set the aperture for the depth of field that I want. That is largely a matter of judgement. If I’m taking a portrait I want a shallow depth of field and I’ll choose a wide aperture and often zoom in quite close. If I’m shooting a landscape I’ll go for a narrow aperture which will bring distant objects into better focus.

aperture priority

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Share my thoughts? #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so once again I allow you free access to the neural network and share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? I think my mind is actually scrambled, flitting from one topic to the next. I couldn’t even decide which photo to use in today’s post. This photo is the road that passes the town hall where I’ll be going on Tuesday.

share my thoughts

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Good Friday and the market is closed #finance

Yes, it is Good Friday and the market is closed. I forgot and was quite looking forward to a day of market-watching. I think there is an element of gambling to investing in the stock market and it can be addictive.

Good Friday

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Nature and gardening #nature

I don’t usually write a post today but regular readers know I’m a community photographer and I like to get out and photograph the local beauty spots. I like nature and it is my intention in the coming weeks to get out there and get some exercise as well as doing the photography. My garden is a bit of a jungle partly because it attracts wildlife and partly because I’m too old and disabled to do it any more. I would be really into gardening otherwise.

I like nature and gardening

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