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Doing your best #photography

I am sometimes asked for my advice and my advice is invariably, do what is right or just do your best. The same can apply to photography, we can take it quite seriously and try for the best photographs that we can take or we can just snap things. Of course, we can get quite good photographs with any camera if we get the composition right but a better camera does produce better results. Doing your best with what you have is the way to go,  unless you have unlimited amounts of money to keep upgrading your equipment.

doing your best

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Images from the past #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so I’ll share my thoughts with you once again. What’s on my mind this week? I’m running a competition on the History of Wednesbury Facebook page and it’s going rather well. I’ve asked for contributions as entries and so far we have had about 25 pictures and one poem. These images from the past are quite nostalgic and take you back to a different era.

images from the past

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Tolerance or intolerance? #life

This morning, I said good morning to the followers of the History of Wednesbury page on Facebook and followed it will this paragraph:

“There are a lot of good reasons why this page exists and continues. It helps people understand how Wednesbury developed as a town. It also makes people aware of each other. It helps build a community. You see names pop up in the comments day after day. You start to understand who the positive people are and who the negative ones are. You find out who the sh*t stirrers are in our community. You find out about tolerance and intolerance. There are many divisions in the world, in our country and in our community. The division between the people who are intolerant and the more mature people who show tolerance and reason tend to be clear to see. Please try to be tolerant and reasonable.”

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Using higher ISO settings #photography

I went to photograph a fete in the town hall on Saturday. It didn’t work out too well because I was unwell but the photos I did take were better than previous years. Shooting with a full frame camera with a larger sensor makes a difference and the in-camera processing at higher ISO settings is better too.

higher ISO

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Such is life #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so I’ll share my thoughts with you once again. I have a bit of a cold this morning and I suspect that was part of the reason I was really unwell yesterday. I got to the fete at the town hall too late to photograph the winners of Wednesbury in Bloom and then had to leave early as I felt so ill. Such is life, some things are unavoidable.

such is life

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A lifetime of collecting treasures #art

I don’t own a Picasso or a Rembrandt but I have spent my life collecting things and sometimes wonder if anyone will keep my collectibles after I’m gone. I won’t live forever and I wouldn’t want to.  I’ve collected coins, postcards, pictures, books and other odd things. I’ve been collecting treasures for over sixty years so I have a few interesting things.

collecting treasures

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Redefining your aspirations #life

I bought a lottery ticket yesterday not because I aspire to be upper class or even middle class for that matter. I thought that if I won that rollover jackpot I could make a difference, not just to my life but to the lives of others. Many people aspire to better themselves but they define better as richer and more in control of their lives. By redefining your aspirations in life you can aspire to being a better person regardless of money and possessions.

redefining your aspirations

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Experiments in photography #photography

If you’re going to do something different with your photography, you will need to experiment. You will also need to think laterally; out of the box. Do a Google search for fine art photography and you will see lots of mediocre images in grey scale. Those photographers copy each others style and so there is little originality. How about those top Magnum photographers who get their pictures into galleries and sell them for lots of dosh? Check those out too. Yes, lots of grey scale images but a different style. Experiments in photography should be able to produce a style that is fresh and maybe clever too.

experiments in photography

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Difficult times #ramble

Sunday seems to come around quickly these days. I only wrote one post this week on photography but today I’ll share my thoughts with you as usual. We are in difficult times with a new prime minister and I think the bureaucrats of the European Union have become more stubborn and less sympathetic towards the UK. Over the other side of the pond, their president is childish and often acts like a teenager trying to prove his manhood. He calls people names and looks down on people. We have politicians like that gaining power here too.  We see the abuse of power everywhere.

Difficult times

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Looking for art #photography

Art is all around us, in the design of buildings, in the design of advertising that we see and in nature which is an evolving design. We can create images by photographing the art that is around us. I went to Wednesbury art gallery on Saturday afternoon looking for art. I photographed some of the exhibitions and the gallery.

looking for art

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Ambition for excellence #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as usual I’ll share my thoughts with you. I entered a photography competition this week and yesterday I met up with Chris and Jan from the Caravan Gallery who gave me prints of the pictures I had in their exhibition. I learnt a few things from the Blast festival of photography but it was actually a hash tag that stuck a chord with me. It was the Arts Council hash tag, #AmbitionforExcellence that made a difference. I decided I would adopt ambition for excellence in my photography. I am now trying to concentrate more and take fewer but better pictures.

ambition for excellence

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Entering a photography competition #photography

I helped to run a photography competition this year and helped judge it. It is surprising how many people don’t read the rules and conditions! That is the first thing to do and it can give you an indication of what the judges are looking for too. I decided to enter a competition this week and the photos are to be uploaded onto Facebook but the prize is a print of your photo. For the print I will need a photograph that is high definition and the one I have is over 5,000 pixels across but I have resized it down to 1,800 pixels across to upload to Facebook. Anyway, before entering a photography competition, read the rules and conditions to get some idea of what is required.

entering a photography competition

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