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Will life be different after the pandemic? #life

It seems the epidemic in the UK became widespread because we had carriers bring it in from China and from several European countries too. The government response to that was slow and so it quickly developed into a crisis. We can’t go back to ‘business as usual’. We have to restrict international travel. People have been using Skype and Zoom to communicate and that should continue to be used for international business communications. Will life be different after the pandemic. If so, how much different? We have to consider changes now.

Will life be different after the pandemic?

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Focusing on the subject #photography

If you’re new to photography you first need to understand focus points. I usually use one focus point and that goes on my subject. I might like the whole scene in front of me but I’ll focus on one object within that scene. Often for a landscape shot where I want the whole scene in focus, I’ll have the focus pint on a distant object. On an automatic setting, the camera would set the aperture on a narrow aperture. I do that manually and if my subject is closer I might set the aperture wider. I am focusing on the subject in more ways than one.

focusing on the subject

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Preparing for social contact

It’s Sunday morning and so as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. I have heard something about the lockdown being eased for the over 70s and people considered the most vulnerable. Is it too much, too early? I have found the news a little confusing, perhaps it will be clearer today? It seems likely that the over 70s will have to comply with social distancing rules but I will also wear a mask when I’m close to people. I’ll do some photography which will be low risk but at some stage, I’ll have to buy petrol. I hope by then I’ll have some hand sanitizer. I expect they will have a screen where you pay in the petrol station too. I am preparing for social contact with some caution.

preparing for social contact

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Lockdown finances #financefriday

I admit that I am saving a little money during my lockdown. I’m also investing again in a very modest and careful way. Last month, I bought shares in Barclays and they’re up about 15% since then and this month I doubled my investment in Lloyds Banking Group. My portfolio isn’t as diverse as it should be. Half of it is invested in Premier Foods which is doing well in this lockdown period. I’m making a profit on Premier Foods now. So overall, my lockdown finances aren’t doing too badly. I am recording my lockdown in pictures but watching the stock market is a good diversion for me too and keeps me occupied.

lockdown finances

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10 weeks of lockdown #life

Today marks my 10 weeks of lockdown and it has been a little bit lonely but I coped and look forward to it coming to an end. I am apprehensive, however. I expected the spread of the virus to be far more in control than it is now. It is still spreading and the policing of the lockdown has been far too lax. The idiots who claimed it was no worse than flu and the selfish who care only about their enjoyment have made the spread worse than it could have been.

10 weeks of lockdown

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Telling the story #photography

I am still telling the story of my lockdown in pictures. Virtually all the pictures are shot with a wide aperture and a shallow depth of field. Shooting with a wide aperture allows more of the light to hit the sensor so I can shoot with quite fast shutter speeds and still get the correct exposure.

telling the story

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Without rocking the boat #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. I’m on day 66 of my lockdown. I might go out today and take a few photographs. I’ve stayed in all through the 66 days except for going to post a letter. I had an order for my art cards from Buckinghamshire so I popped out to post them. This morning I have done the daily challenge from 64 Million Artists. The challenge was to say thank you, so I did a graphic to say thank you to all those people who live their lives without stirring up trouble, without making a lot of noise and without rocking the boat. This is my graphic:

Without rocking the boat

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Emerging from lockdown #pandemic

Should the schools re-open now? This is a topic of conversation on social media and many parents and teachers are saying no to reopening schools. Young children need education in their formative years but another few weeks isn’t likely to harm their development much. As we are emerging from lockdown perhaps we could consider the option of teaching children in the open-air reducing the risk of the infection spreading.

emerging from lockdown

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Design a card #photography #art

The daily challenge from 64 Million Artists today is to design a card. I did my design and shared it with the Facebook group. I took a few photographs yesterday of the bluebells and buttercups in the garden so I used one of those pictures. I wrote a little verse to put in the centre of the image. That was the hard part!

design a card

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The lockdown blues #life

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thought with you. I’ve been in lockdown for over 8 weeks. I’m on day 59 and I’m starting to feel a little constrained. I usually go out and take photos on a Sunday afternoon and I would like to be out and about today but we need to beat this virus. In Wuhan, they have decided to test everyone now in an effort to find the asymptomatic carriers. I would have thought there would be an easier way of isolating people who were infected but finding asymptomatic carriers is more difficult. They need to isolate everyone who has been in contact with anyone who has had the virus. I seem to be getting the lockdown blues but it must be much worse in Wuhan.

lockdown blues

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Coronavirus: what is the truth? #health

I’ve been in lockdown for 8 weeks and I have more questions than answers. The mantra was “flatten the curve” and the transmission rate is falling in London. It appears that a large number of people have contracted the virus and could, therefore, be immune now and the transmission index, the so-called r number is now below one. However, the scientific advisors seem unsure now if people who have had COVID-19 are actually immune. They want an antibody test but doesn’t the fact that infections are falling strongly suggest many people are immune? Obviously the lockdown slowed the transmission rate but if that was the only factor then the rate will go up as soon as we come out of lockdown. We need to know if so-called herd immunity is really working in London. What is the truth?


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Signs of what the future holds. #money

Every trader on the stock market tries to predict the future and it’s the same on the money markets. Traders on the stock market are selling this morning and cutting their exposure to the market in anticipation of things getting worse. They are seeking safe havens, of which, gold is one. Gold is up to £1406.08 this morning. These are signs of what the future holds and we have to consider them.

signs of what the future holds

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