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Do we live in a toxic environment? #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. I must admit that sometimes I over-think things. It was my birthday this week and I got a lot of messages on Facebook wishing me ‘happy birthday’. I try to be polite and so that meant saying, ‘thank you’ over 200 times. I became acutely aware of who my supporters were and who was missing from that list. Some of the missing ones are very nice to my face but perhaps harbour petty grievances. We do live in a toxic environment in the 21st century and it is because petty jealousies relating to personal status creates hidden divisions in our society. We need to support each other more.

toxic environment

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It can’t get any worse #finance

I have seen some upward movement this week on the stock market at the less popular end. Have investors just accepted that Brexit just can’t get any worse? It has wiped billions off the value of companies listed on the stock market. While some gained when the value of the pound was slashed, the smaller companies lost value and have struggled to raise capital. I don’t think it can get any worse, confidence is at an all-time low. Even a no-deal Brexit would at least provide a little certainty.

get any worse

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Artist challenges #64MillionArtists

It is the last day of the January challenges from 64 million artists and I have quite enjoyed it and it gives me something to write about on those days when I wake up feeling quite brain-dead and uninspired. These artist challenges have done me some good and I have been thinking more creatively. I was wandering around the house photographing things yesterday. It made my arm hurt because my new camera is quite heavy with the long lens on. I realised that my elbow had swollen when I finally got into bed last night. It’s much better this morning, though.

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Taking photography seriously #photography

I am relatively new to photography. I only started it in 2008 with a bridge camera. I had problems with my eyesight too and had to have a lens replaced with a plastic one! Some of my photos were used by a newspaper and so I decided to invest in a Nikon D3200 and start taking photography seriously. I’ve photographed nice landscapes, famous people, politicians and even beauty princesses! The D3200 has served me well but I need a better camera for the type of photography I want to do now. This is my D3200, shot with my new camera.

taking photography seriously

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Exercising the mind #art #writing

Creative challenges are a great way of exercising the mind and I’ve done another challenge from 64 million artists this morning. It’s day 27 of the challenges and today’s challenge was fairly easy. The challenge was to become the local historian and write about a local landmark. As the admin of The History of Wednesbury, I had a slight advantage! I also had the perfect picture to use:

exercising the mind

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Being a rebel can be a good thing! #money

Yes, being a rebel can be a good thing. Going against the norms can make you stand out and attract attention. You might want to attract the attention of the crowd but you don’t want them to throw stones! Don’t be an obnoxious git or they just might throw stones. You need to have a purpose. If you’re running a market stall, you will sell more products if you attract attention but you have to treat the public with respect. Miserable people who hate everyone makes terrible business people.

being a rebel

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How do you create great content?

I not only create content for my website and social media channels I also curate content for The History of Wednesbury page on Facebook. So how do you create great content? I think it is all about being curious and being aware of what’s happening around you and in your world. I read a lot, I have alerts on Google, I keep up with the news and I am constantly looking for something to photograph.

create great content

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My photographic journey #photography

I think of my photography as a photographic journey and in these posts, I try to share my journey. I only took up photography about 10 years ago and I try to think of it as art, not just taking snaps to record events. I’ve been doing the 64 million artists challenge which is a month of daily creative challenges which has been helping me focus more.

 photographic journey
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Getting the creative juices flowing

It’s Sunday morning and I’ve already been getting the creative juices flowing and it’s only 10 am. I am planning an afternoon out too. I have no idea where I shall go, but go I must. I need fresh air and exercise. I must look after my health more. I actually have a hospital appointment this week so that is a step in the right direction.

getting the creative juices flowing

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perseverance leads to talent

Today’s post is going to be very short because instead of using a photograph to follow the first paragraph, I’m going to use a link to a video. It is a bit of an experiment. If it works well I can make some videos and embed the code for those in the future. This is Sean Song who is just 10 years old but has worked hard to perfect his talent:

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Looking for alternative investments

I’m looking for alternative investments while the Brexit chaos continues. The obvious alternative to the banks is peer-to-peer lending. I prefer Zopa which is giving me returns of over 5% but is slightly riskier than the banks. Other alternative investments could be to try to buy in bulk to save money rather than actually making money. I even buy in bulk to save on trips to the supermarket, saving me money on petrol.

alternative investments
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Social media images #Wednesburyonline

We all have an image and we all care about our image which is why we choose our clothing carefully. We also have an online image and it can betray our inner beliefs. I have friend requests on Facebook from people who have quite different beliefs to me and I accept that. They do sometimes share posts that are racist, though and so I reject those posts and ‘snooze’ the person doing the sharing for 30 days. Social media images are important and you need to be careful about what you post and what you share.

social media images

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