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Metering on a DSLR #photography

There are three different setting for metering on my Nikon D3200. Metering sets DSLRs apart from other cameras and can help us get just the right exposure, especially for portraits. When we focus on a shot we also meter the light that is being reflected into the camera from our subject. The metering mode I use the most is ‘matrix’ and it measures the light across the whole frame.

matrix metering

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Move on with your life #ramble

It’s Sunday morning once again and so I let you into the neural matrix and share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? Relationships in a word. I tend to be fairly easy-going and try not to annoy family members, friends or anyone else but sometimes friendships can go wrong. We just have to fix them or move on. Some people carry a grudge and can’t move on. That has been my problem with one friend, who gets people to troll my Facebook page. My patience has run out now, so I just ban them.

move on it is spring

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A nervous market #finance #investments

The markets have been nervous lately with too much uncertainty. The Trump effect in the US and the Brexit effect on this side of the Atlantic disguises some systemic problems in the global economic system. I think this nervousness is contagious and is spreading beyond the markets and into the homes of consumers who are spending less. They have been shopping around more for some time and we see that in the rise of discount supermarkets and the phenomenon of comparing prices and shopping around online. The culture of spend, spend, spend and maxing out the credit card is coming to an end.

a nervous market

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The first day of spring #photography

It is the spring equinox today and so by tradition the first day of spring. Here in the Black Country, it is sunny and looking out of the window this morning I thought it was a cold light. A cold light has more blue in it and it is a blue sky today, in summer we get more red tones especially the last hour before the sun goes down. I did take a few photos last week and they looked quite cold with more blue than red tones.


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The beast from the East is back. #ramble

Some people tell me they would like to write a blog but don’t know what to write about. I don’t know what to write about either this morning, so I looked out of the window at the snow that came down overnight and thought of a title. Yes, the beast from the east is back. I think I’ll be wearing my thermal socks and clearing snow again later.

The Beast is back

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Analysing the market #finance #investments

Analysing the market isn’t easy and it takes a lot of research but if you’re going to invest on the stock market you have to do your research. I have tried to buy shares in companies that are struggling or have a problem that they can fix while their share price is low. Tesco had it’s scandal and other problems and I bought in low and I was hoping to sell at a 20% or better return. They have dropped over 2% this morning but I hope they recover that next week, so I can sell.


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Contemporary art #photography #art

Contemporary art includes just about everything that can be created including photographs. Photography is a visual art and we can capture nice views as in landscape photography or we can capture people’s lives as they work or enjoy their leisure time.

contemporary art

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Poetry, photography and art #ramble #Wednesburyonline

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. I went to the Darlaston Writer’s group yesterday so I have poetry on my mind. I’m not very good at writing it and certainly not any good at reading it out loud but I keep trying. As usual, I also have photography in mind and I promised to take a photo of a section of a Tipton canal that we saw in a very old photograph. I hope I can identify the stretch now.

poetry in motion

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Understanding supply and demand #finance

One concept I have tried to explain in these finance posts is that of discretionary income. Discretionary income is the money we have left over when we have paid for all the essentials like housing, taxation, food and so on. Discretionary income is the money we have left to enjoy life and take holidays. So if we can double that discretionary income either by saving on buying the essentials or finding an additional income from investments then we can double our effective standard of living. The other concept that people find hard to understand is supply and demand and how this affects prices.

supply and demand

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Artistic editing in Photoscape #photography

When I’m in a creative mood I like to do some artistic editing of my photographs and I create some artistic edits of famous quotes for our writers’ group. Different photographers use different editing software. I use AfterShot sometimes, Windows Live Gallery for basic editing and I use Photoscape (a free download) for artistic editing.

artistic editing

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The many art forms #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so I share my thoughts with you, once again. What’s on my mind this morning? I have been thinking about the many art forms this morning. I saw a nice photo on Instagram that was taken from the window of Walsall Art gallery of the frozen canal. The basin was partly frozen over and the towpath was covered in snow. They have workshops in the gallery ‘creating’ art and now they have finally created a picture that I really like. They probably don’t see it as art and won’t bother having it printed or putting it on display but the fact they put it on Instagram suggests they think people will like it. Shouldn’t that be the test of art? Should it be something the people of Walsall like or should it be something some ‘expert’ in London thinks is ‘amazing’? Here is my snowy picture:

art forms

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Keeping your nerve #finance #investments

Sometimes investing is about keeping your nerve as markets go down or become more volatile. We saw the first signs of protectionism by the US after President Trump announced import tariffs on steel and aluminium. I think he set the tariffs too high but considering that the Chinese manipulate their currency to boost exports I can see why he did it. He isn’t smart, though. The smart thing to do would have been to raise the standards on steel and aluminium to restrict the importation of cheap substandard steel. He could apply that principle across a range of imported goods and so limit imports and give people better quality products. Politicians are never very smart.

keeping your nerve

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