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Creating an art print #ramble #photography

It’s Sunday morning and so, as usual, I’ll share my thoughts with you. We put the clocks on last night so I lost an hour’s sleep. It was colder when I woke up and I definitely didn’t want to get up! I did a bit of online shopping this week. All through the winter, I was looking for a new winter jumper and now spring is here I find one! I also bought some of those jogging pants everyone seems to be wearing. They were in the sale so it won’t be so bad if I don’t end up wearing them. The pockets are too small but apart from that, they seem good. They will be warm in winter and I can wear them around the house. I’m not sure if I want to be seen in public in them! Anyway, this week I’ve been thinking about art prints.

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Fortunes from alternative investments #FinanceFriday

I was reminded of John Maynard Keynes this week and his trip to Paris. John Maynard Keynes was a famous economist who laid the foundation for modern macroeconomics. His ideas still find favour today. His trip to Paris was a business trip but while he was there he bought several artworks by artists of that time such as Picasso. He went on to build an art collection of over 135 works at a cost of around £13,000. In 2013, his collection was valued at over £70 million. He was also a member of the famous Bloomsbury Group of artists, writers and radical thinkers that included Virginia Woolf and Kathleen Garman, daughter of Walter Garman of Oakeswell Hall.

alternative investments

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Capturing the zeitgeist of our time. #photography

On cloudy days, the cloud diffuses the light giving you a nice even light but there are fewer shadows and shadows give things form. The other thing to look at is colour. A grey sky gives the whole image a grey colour-cast. You can compensate by setting your white balance to cloudy but generally speaking sunny days give us brighter photos!

the zeitgeist of our time

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Accepting reality and the nature of reality. #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and spring is here! The equinox was yesterday and so now we can look forward to daffodils, tulips and the blossom coming on the trees. I can also look forward to better photographs. I’ll be out taking photos this afternoon. We have a white sky and temperatures should be in double figures today. I’ve been thinking about accepting reality and the nature of reality this weekend.

accepting reality

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Pandemic: changes in behaviour. #FinanceFriday

There were changes in behaviour during 2020 as we adjusted to the pandemic. There was a rush to buy games consoles as people needed to keep themselves amused. The pubs closed and so more alcoholic drinks were sold in supermarkets. Holidays and even day trips were put on hold. We adapted by using services like Zoom to have meetings and stayed in touch using our phones. Some of this new behaviour will stick and we might get used to video meetings and maybe even drink more at home instead of the pub. Many people must have found it hard carrying beer home too and perhaps switched to wine or even a tot of something stronger with their beer.

changes in behaviour

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Pandemic: The story so far #life

My picture today is a montage that I created during my self-isolation last year. I spent months last year, being creative, taking photos and wandering around my garden. I didn’t even go out for exercise. The government said that the over 70s were vulnerable and should self isolate. Then came a story in a Sunday newspaper about it and the government changed its tune. Then they said it was only the “extremely vulnerable” that needed to “shield”. The elderly were then expected to do their shopping first thing in the morning! Previous governments appear to have done no pandemic planning.


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Creating a good quality print #photography

In the past, I have exhibited some of my photographs and obviously, you need a print of the photo and take special care to frame it. You also need to choose your photo carefully. I bought a nice frame a few weeks ago and so I decided to choose a photo, print it myself and frame it. I’m very pleased with the result and I hope I can use the finished print for an exhibition or maybe auction it at an event for charity. The finished print is a good quality print.

quality print

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Mothering Sunday and other thoughts #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so, as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. It’s Mothering Sunday and although I lost my mom nearly 60 years ago I can still appreciate the importance of the day. Perhaps I appreciate the importance of supportive parents more than most.

Mothering Sunday

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Financial security in troubling times #FinanceFriday

Discretionary income is that money you have left after you’ve paid out for all the essentials. It is that part of our income we reserve for enjoying life. Having income from investments can mean more discretionary income and so a better standard of living and more enjoyable life. Over the past year, many people have struggled to pay for the essentials and there has been no discretionary income. In troubling times investment income can help us survive financially and our investments can be sold to get us through the troubling times.

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Advanced features #photography

My Nikon D750 does have some advanced features that my D3200 didn’t have and getting used to these takes time. I’ve had the camera for a couple of years and there are still features I haven’t used. One feature that I have only used a couple of times is bracketing, for example. It is a useful feature and I used it for a couple of photos that I then used for art cards. I can set the camera to take a series of shots all with slightly different exposure and then I can choose the one that has the best exposure for my art card.

advanced features

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History and photography #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. The government seems to be under pressure to give NHS staff a better pay rise. I think they have deliberately been mean with that 1% offer and they’ll soon change their minds and generously double it to 2%. That’ll cost about a billion, which will be chicken-feed compared to the cost of other measures brought in during the pandemic. No matter what goes on, you can rely on the Tories to be devious bastards.

history and photography

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Inflationary pressures #finance

I’m a day late with my finance post! Yesterday morning the stock market was climbing to new highs but by the afternoon falling again. The US stimulus plans weren’t as generous as forecast and this shows how economic policy in one country can be felt globally. OPEC this week decided to keep production at current levels and yesterday saw the oil price climb to new highs.

inflationary pressure

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