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Textures and shadows #photography

When we photograph a texture we also photograph tiny shadows and it is shadows that give our photograph form. You need to get your picture quite sharp to show the textures. I tend to do that with quite fast shutter speeds. That is the big advantage of a DSLR and of the Nikon D750 in particular.  I mostly shoot on aperture priority and so the camera sets the shutter speed and for many shots where I shoot at the widest aperture the camera sets a fast shutter speed. The textures and shadows stand out giving the photograph a 3D appearance.

textures and shadows

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Lockdown day 45 #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and lockdown day 45. On Friday, new daily challenges began from 64 Million Artists. I did the challenges on Friday and yesterday but I must admit I’m not keen on today’s challenge but I can always skip a day.  I post my images in the group for 64 Million Artists. I’ve also been posting my photographs that I’ve been taking to document my time in isolation in the Sandwell Pride of Place group on Facebook. The images seem popular. I’m telling a story and everyone likes stories. Right?

lockdown day 45

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Lockdown photography #photography

I’ve been chronicling my lockdown ordeal in pictures. It not only gives me something to think about other than that virus, it will also give me a record of this historic time.  My lockdown photography tells a story in pictures and that for me is what photography is all about. My picture today is a collage of some of the pictures I’ve taken in the last 40 days. Yes, I’m on day 40 of my lockdown!

lockdown photography

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Isolation day 38 #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. I’m on isolation day 38 and I’m not feeling too happy about it. I’m in total isolation and can’t even do my shopping. I have a delivery pass for Asda but all the slots are constantly sold out and I’m concerned for the future which seems very uncertain. We have a government which doesn’t seem to have a plan but just trots of sound bites.  These three part sound bites don’t help and after the “get Brexit done” fiasco, the latest “stay home” one is just irritating.

isolation day 38

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Finance Friday, expectations #finance

Being on lockdown has made me think about the future more. The country needs an exit strategy from this pandemic but we also need personal strategies. I’m not too confident that the epidemic will come to an end in this country, it could drag on for years unless we restrict freedom of movement. We must restrict movement from countries where the pandemic continues to infect people.  I had more or less given up on my stock market investments but now I see bargains to be had, assuming we ever return to normal! I have new expectations.


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My lockdown story #photography #art

We live through many stories and this lockdown is quite unique. My lockdown story is being recorded in a few words on photographs that I’m taking every day. I’m on day 33 and I have been completely isolated from other people except for phone calls and messaging. I have had some contact with people at a distance for food deliveries, etc.

lockdown story

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Week four of the pandemic lockdown #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. I’m on the 4th week of this pandemic lockdown. I’ve been taking photographs each day to document my isolation. I think images capture the memories far better than just words but I have used a few words to title the images.

pandemic lockdown

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Finance Friday – pandemic finances #finance

The pandemic has affected most stock markets around the world and wiped billions off the value of the world’s top companies. Here in the UK, companies like Lloyds Banking Group have seen their share price crash lower than it did in the 2008 crisis. After the 2008 crisis I bought Lloyds for 30p a share and sold at 90p after the recovery. The share price today is 30.55. Are they worth buying again? As it happens I bought Lloyds again for around 50p so I am considering buying shares in another bank next week. Barclays could be one to watch and are 91.94 today. In the circumstances, I think I would like them to be a little cheaper than that. I’ll probably buy if they’re under 85p.


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Isolation day 26 – documenting my isolation #photography

It’s isolation day 26 and I’ve turned my isolation into an art project. I’ve been documenting it in words and pictures. I take photographs within my restricted environment and add a title to the bottom and post them on social media. I should use Creator Studio and post on Instagram but I have posted most of the picture in Sandwell Pride of Place on Facebook. I want to keep people interested in that group and this is an opportunity to do that. I do need to find ways of using Creator Studio and Instagram more effectively, though.

isolation day 26

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The Global Pandemic and the Widening Inequality Between the Poor and the Rich

The middle class with cushy jobs is no longer comfortably well off because they might have been laid off or someone they know has been laid off. At this moment, there are young people with a shaky social life and no job. This is not okay. In my lifetime, this is the second major slump in the economy. And this one looks terrifying because there is a stealthy virus looming around us and a staggering number of people dying.


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Isolation day 24 – making adjustments #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. It’s isolation day 24 and although I’ve adjusted to it well, I think the way the pandemic has been handled by both national government and local government could have been better. The supermarkets seem to be prioritising the most vulnerable and their regular customers but it still seems inadequate. I have no idea when I’ll get another food delivery which makes things difficult. If I could be sure of a delivery in May or even June it would be something. This food insecurity is the main source of stress. I hope I don’t have to rely on a food parcel from the council!

isolation day 24

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Isolation day 19, taking pictures. #photography

Photography is an art when you’re expressing yourself. I’ve been chronicling my time in isolation using my camera and taking pictures. It’s my third week in isolation and isolation day 19. I only have my  house and garden to wander around looking for subjects so I decided to combine words with a picture to produce an image that says something.

isolation day 19

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