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Giving everyone an equal chance #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so once again I’ll allow you into the neural labyrinth and share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? Well, as usual photography and as I’m involved so much with social media I’m also trying to promote the Blast Photo festival photography competition. I don’t always agree with the way photography competitions are run because they can favour certain people unfairly. This one, however, will be fair as the judges won’t know the entrants and people who are new to photography will still be in with an equal chance of being a finalist.

equal chance

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Following the tribe #culture

Tribal behaviour was evident right up until medieval times and if we look closely people are still instinctively following the tribe. A tribe is a group of people dependant on each other for survival so what if someone steps out of line? The tribe punishes them, perhaps by marginalizing them, castigating them or simply disapproving of them.

following the tribe

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Sandwell photography competition #photography

When I enter photography competitions I think about who the judges are likely to be and read the terms of the competition to try to identify the type of picture that is likely to win. The Sandwell Pride of Place competition asks what does Sandwell mean to you? The image in the competition notice has bread pudding and faggot and peas in it, both Black Country delicacies! There are clues there to the sort of image you should be considering. This is a Sandwell photography competition worth entering even if you’re only going to take a photo of a bag of scratching or some battered chips with your phone.

Sandwell photography competition

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Artistic ideas #Wednesbury #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my innermost thoughts with you. The bad news this week is that I might need surgery on my hip. I hate being in hospital but I shall try to look on the bright side. At least this time I’ll have a decent phone so I can stay in touch and run my Facebook pages! Isn’t technology great? Anyway, with the Blast photography festival coming I have a few artistic ideas that I am trying to work on.

artistic ideas

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Creating social media content #smm #photography

I create social media content both for my blog and for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I use words and pictures and create narratives and even a little controversial content at times. I say good morning on Facebook to make one page more friendly and interactive and now I try to do the same with a group I’m an admin of. Social media is interactive and my readers on this blog can comment, click like or even email me. Creating social media content is about trying to spark interaction; a conversation.

social media content

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How to take a great photo #photography

I am admin of the Sandwell Pride of Place Project Group on Facebook and over the weekend there was some interest in the photography competition that will be part of the Blast Photography festival. So today, I thought I would give you a few tips on how to take a great photo for a competition or a print.

take a great photo

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The six towns #Sandwell

It’s Sunday morning again and so I’ll share my thoughts with you. Quite a few of my friends do social media management. One did a master’s degree in SMM and another teaches it in California. I do reasonably well running the History of Wednesbury on Facebook and a few other pages and groups. I’m now admin of the Sandwell Pride of Place project and that was proving to be a little more difficult. I really do prefer Facebook business pages to groups but I have decided to make the group a little more personal and say good morning to the members each morning. The membership has started increasing again! We live in a hostile society and the simple act of saying good morning can make it better. Perhaps I should say our perceptions are of a hostile society. Anyway, I also have to remember the group is for the six towns of Sandwell and not just Wednesbury!

six towns

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Silver gloves? #Raynauds

It is the last day of February and the last day of Raynaud’s awareness month. I have found out that silver gloves can help alleviate the condition. Who knew? I have Raynaud’s as part of my autoimmune disease and it has been a problem for the past few years. My hands, in particular, get so cold that they go numb which means I can’t even feel the shutter button on my camera! I have learned how to press it wearing gloves but it is still difficult.

silver gloves

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Are they bullies? #Wednesdaywisdom

The President of the United States has flown out to the Far East to meet with the leader of North Korea. According to the American President, he is negotiating from a position of strength. That might be interpreted as using America’s military might to intimidate and bully the North Korean leader. It is a situation that is worrying because most bullies are either psychopaths or sociopaths with very little empathy for others. They are the people who start the wars. Are they bullies? I think so.


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Capturing light with a full frame #photography

Photography is all about capturing light. In fact, the light reflected off things and people. I am developing my photography as an art and so I have recently upgraded to a full frame camera which gives me pixels that are approximately twice the size that they were on my D3200. I’m not quite ready to review my new camera but I’ll share some of my insights.

capturing light

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History and art #Sundayramble

It is Sunday morning once again and so I allow you into the labyrinth of neurons and share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? I went to the local history event at Glebefields library yesterday and met up this Chris and Jan of Caravan Gallery fame. They were taking photographs for the Blast photography festival. It was an interesting outing but I did get a bit lost around the lost city. We were looking for the horses that are always tethered there but didn’t see any. It really was a history and art outing.

history and art

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Looking after number one #feelgoodFriday

I empathise a lot with people who are less fortunate or who are going through a hard time. I always try to be helpful. I have become more responsible for my own health over the past few years, however. It isn’t being selfish, it’s just being aware of the importance of diet and the effect the environment can have on my health. My healthcare is more important now. I don’t leave all the decisions to doctors, I weigh the evidence about what will be good for me. Am I just looking after number one? No, I try to care about others too but my health comes first.

looking after number one

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