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Out to destroy me #life

Money seems to dominate life these days but there are more important things. A local politician used the words, “out to destroy me” recently regarding a political opponent. It was, of course, their reputation that they fear will be destroyed. One’s reputation and good name is a thing of great value and more important than money and it can so easily be destroyed by gossip and rumours, especially these days, with the internet and social media providing mass communication.

out to destroy me

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Reflections on the water #photography

At the weekend it was the Tipton Canal and Community Festival. Saturday was cold and wet and I wasn’t feeling too good so I waited until Sunday and went to photograph the narrowboats and visitors. I met up with Chris and Jan from the Caravan Gallery. They were taking photos for their Sandwell Pride of Place Project which will be an integral part of the Blast photo Festival in 2019. You tend to get a lot of reflections on the water when you photograph canals and that can make the water look like a white sheet. This year I decided to use a polarizing filter. It is a bit like taking photos through Polaroid sunglasses so it makes the image darker but cuts down on glare and the reflections on the water.

reflections on the water

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Such is life #ramble

It is Sunday morning once again and so I’ll let you into the deepest recesses of my mind and share my thoughts with you. It is dark, wet and dismal this morning. I did plan to photograph the Tipton canal and community festival yesterday. I got ready to go despite feeling really unwell and it started to rain. So I had second thoughts and checked on the traffic. The festival had caused a traffic jam which was made worse by a road accident. Then I checked the weather forecast which suggested today might be a better day for it anyway. I was quite busy but felt I had let my friends down who did make it. Anyway, c’est la vie, such is life!

such is life

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Light at the end of the tunnel? #life

This year hasn’t gone well for me and this week has been pretty awful but there is always light at the end of the tunnel if we squint our eyes and look for it! At least my investments haven’t lost more value this week and there are signs of recovery. The new board at Solo Oil seem to be much more business-like and so I’m hopeful I might make money there. I now own another 20% so I need that company to work a small miracle.

light at the end of the tunnel?

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Can civil society save our communities?

I’ve always thought that civil society is a good thing. Those associations, trade unions and non-governmental organisations raise money for charity, fight for workers rights and plug the gaps in the social care system. In recent years, we have seen charities become more like businesses and more community interest companies trying to tackle community problems but also trying to make a profit. I suspect some of these new organisations are more driven by a desire to create jobs or maintain jobs for the people who run them than provide a worthwhile service.

 civil society

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Developing your style #photography

Most people have heard of David Bailey who shot to fame as a photographer after he took fashion photos of Jean Shrimpton in New York for Vogue. He refused to conform to the accepted norm for fashion photography. Photographers with their own style will always be more successful. Martin Parr, not known for fashion photography produced something different too and has recently been doing a commission for Gucci. If you Google fine art photography you will see almost every image is in the same style. Flick through a fashion magazine and you’ll see the same boring old story, image after image, with the originality photo-shopped out of them. Developing your style can be done with any camera, you don’t need an expensive DSLR. David Bailey shunned the expensive cameras and used his own 35mm for the New York shoot.

developing your style

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Medieval mayhem #ramble #photography

Yes, it’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. I wrote about the saga relating to having a postcard for Wednesbury printed, yesterday. Since then I’ve got a couple of orders! This could work! I’ll need a lot more orders, though, but at least I can think about it seriously. I realised last night that my pictures were widescreen and although you can have wide postcards printed, it costs extra. I found the original high-definition pictures and made copies and cropped them to size. I’ll convert them to CMYK one of the days and see what they look like. I think they’ll be OK. Anyway, I went to photograph the medieval mayhem at West Bromwich Manor house yesterday.


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The postcard saga #life

Yes, the postcard saga has taken another step towards the ridiculous. My little competition to see which picture was the best one for a postcard was featured in the Sandwell Chronicle. It made page two, no less. I didn’t get the credit, though!

pick a postcard
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The value of potential #finance

Some companies pay their shareholder’s high dividends as a way of keeping investors but when profits don’t warrant it, they should cut dividends. The potential to pay dividends is enough to satisfy shareholders. After all, the profits instead of going to dividends go to reinvestment which in turn increased the company’s value and profits. This leads to the potential to pay higher dividends. We often miss the value of potential.

the value of potential

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Reasons to be cheerful #ramble

I’m looking for reasons to be cheerful this morning after a depressing week. My visit to the doctor last week didn’t go well and this week has been a week of learning about political intrigue and even being accused of using political influence myself. I think that was the accusation anyway. These so-called political activists and trolls are never very precise with their accusations. They simply fish for information and stir it hoping to get a response they can use.

reasons to be cheerful

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Social media stories #photography

I have tried to combine poetry with photography to tell stories on social media but I suppose I’m not a great poet. I like quite amusing poems that tell a funny story. The picture itself can tell a story without any words and just a few words as a caption can fire the imagination and provokes a story. The story is changing now as autumn approaches. I shot this picture on Sunday and it might provoke a story in your mind.

Pictures can tell stories

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Wish you were here? #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. This week I considered producing a postcard for Wednesbury. This picture was the top choice when I asked people which one they preferred.


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