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Back to being a millionaire? #finance

I’ve seen a few adverts on social media about minor celebrities who have lost their riches only to find a new way to make money and return to being millionaires. The new way, it seems, is to invest in Bitcoin or some other crypto. It is an easy way to make money but only for those actually doing the ICO, the initial coin offering. I find it hard to believe this scam has gone on for so long but our politicians are involved in investment scams and off-shore tax evasion so how can we expect them to regulate the finance industry? Back to being a millionaire? I doubt it!

back to being a millionaire

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The power of positivity #life

It is one degree below freezing this morning and I’m struggling to find the power of positivity. I am trying to think positive, though. The odds are in my favour, it is more likely to get warmer than colder. The forecast says it will be warmer this afternoon. It is easy to get depressed in winter, they call it seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I bet someone took weeks thinking up that acronym. I’m going to post a sunny picture up to make up for my slight negativity.

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Getting ready for Christmas #life

Yes, I’m getting ready for Christmas. I have to stay in nearly every day this week waiting for deliveries. Today I’m waiting in for an air-fryer to be delivered. No, I haven’t bought it as a gift! I bought a new basket for my air-fryer not long ago and I had to alter it to make it fit and it cost £26. While I was ordering Christmas gifts I saw one on offer for £30 that would usually cost over £90. I shall put it away and when I need to replace the basket on my air-fryer, I’ll simply replace the whole thing! I see it as an investment. It will save me money in the long run. I’ve also been preparing for Christmas by sorting out some Christmas cards. I bought those well in advance too. The ones I was going to use are nice but too small. I want to insert a set of art cards inside my Christmas cards as a little extra for friends and relatives.

preparing for Christmas

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Developing my photography #photography

I started learning about photography a relatively short time ago. I think it was 2007 when I bought a Fujifilm bridge camera and it’s only been five years since I began using a DSLR. The sensor on the bridge camera was much smaller than on my Nikon D3200 and the narrowest aperture was f/8. I can now shoot in lower light and get more professional pictures. My aim is to upgrade to a full frame camera with a sensor that is 50% wider. Developing my photography this month is all about better flash photography.

Developing my photography

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Trying to think positively #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so I’ll let you into the neural labyrinth once again and share my thoughts with you. I’m still unwell but trying to think positively. I’ll go out today and try to get some exercise while practising my photography. I do collect interesting photographs by other photographers and I follow Magnum photographers and look at what they are doing. I’ve become quite interested in taking indoor photos using natural light. You have a lot less light but you get interesting shadows and I like the contrasts.

trying to think positively

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Can the Brexit disaster get any worse? #politics

The stock market took another hit this week as some kind of deal appeared to have been stuck between the government and the European community. This really is a Brexit disaster from start to finish. David Cameron negotiated on the wrong issues. We do want to run our own affairs, but not everything. We are happy with the EU regulating our medicines, for example. It is efficient for one agency to regulate the whole of Europe and it gives us safe medicines. However, some things are primarily of British concern and the EU Commission recognised that and so promised subsidiarity.

 Brexit disaster

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Shooting an event #photography

On Sunday, I photographed the Remembrance Day parade. When you’re shooting an event like that and it’s cold and damp with poor light, you can’t expect great shots. The sky was fairly clear except where the sun was and the moving cloud meant bright sunlight and then the cloud would block out the sun. I would have preferred a cloudy sky. When I’m shooting an event, I usually use my 18 – 105 lens but for this event chose the 55 – 300 to give me some reach.

shooting an event l

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Remembrance Sunday #ramble

Yes, it is Sunday morning once again and so I’ll share my thoughts with you. Actually, it’s not Sunday, it’s Saturday evening and I plan to go to the Remembrance Parade to photograph it in the morning. It is 100 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the first world war. It was a war that affected every family. My one grandfather was over in France and survived an attack with mustard gas. I’m not sure how but he managed to help his mates when the attack came. He carried one out of the gas. My other grandfather lost his oldest son to the war and having lost his bakery business to the 1913 tube strike; he died not long after.


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Taking responsibility #life #photography

A politician put forward the view that we should all take responsibility for our health this week. I think his motivation was saving money and so his view is mean-spirited and can be ignored. However, we do need to consider our health and our lifestyles and the health of our communities and of the nation. Are we taking responsibility? Even politicians seem to duck their responsibility. I think they have a duty to set an example to the people they serve, especially at a local level. They should be leading communities to a healthier way of life. Life seems so stressful for many people because of change that is beyond their control and that change is often driven by misguided political ideas. Universal Credit, what a good idea cries a politician with a master plan in mind. He, in effect, abandons his personal responsibility and all the principles associated with personal responsibility in favour of a ‘master plan’. People who accept personal responsibility know that ‘master plans’ rarely work out in the end. Look at the mess that Brexit has become, driven by a nationalist ‘master plan’.

taking responsibility

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The 21st century #life

Having lived through the second half of the 20th century, I can definitely say I like the 21st century with its computers, smartphones and smart televisions. I don’t watch much television but I am very much into social media management. Despite ill-health and disability, I do try to become involved in the community. That is usually just taking photographs and doing some publicity.

21st century

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Understanding shallow depth of field #photography

One of the more difficult concepts to understand in photography is the depth of field. Understand that and you’ve more or less cracked it! Most people know that the shutter button on the camera is pressed part-way down to focus on your subject and then gently pressed all the way down to take the picture. Your focus points decide what will be in focus and so be sure to know what your subject is and get your focus points on your subject. For this shot, I used a wide aperture, in fact, I shot wide open for a shallow depth of field.

shot with a shallow depth of field

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What a good idea? #ramble #photography

There are around 100 billion neurons in the human brain and as usual, I’ll let you into mine this morning and share my thoughts with you. I took photos at the Safer 6 event this week and decided to use a 55 – 300mm lens which isn’t ideal but it allowed me to get a shallow depth of field and some interesting photos. I think it was a good idea.


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