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What are you pointing your camera at? #photography

So, what are you pointing your camera at? We all have different ideas about photography and for many people, it’s about taking selfies with their camera-phones. Whatever we take photos of we can share them on social media and in doing so, we share our lives. If you’re serious about photography you might also start an archive of your photos and save them for future generations.

what are you pointing your camera at?

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Our lives matter #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you.  Like most people, I have concerns about the pandemic. According to the Guardian, the government has a “classified document” that lists the worst coronavirus outbreaks in England. I assume it has lists for Wales and Scotland too. I suspected that we weren’t being told everything and I was right.

lives matter

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Trying to understand the economics of the pandemic.

This week saw the Chancellor of the Exchequer introduce a raft of measures to help the UK recover from the effects of the lockdown and return to a more normal economy. In China, the central bank is still providing stimulus and that is driving the stock market higher. Stimulus here gave the stock market a boost so the question is will there be more stimulus? I bought a few shares in Barclay’s on the back of the last lot of stimulus and they’re giving me a paper profit of around 20% so I’ll be watching for signs that the Bank of England might take more action.  The economics of this pandemic is complicated by the failure of the Americans to get a grip on slowing the spread of infection. That is causing fears of a prolonged global recession.

economics of the pandemic

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Creating a narrative #photography #art

You can create a narrative using a series of photos or even a number of photos in a multi-picture. Often a narrative is about a person, the protagonist in your story. If you add words to your images then that makes the narrative more real. You can create a powerful narrative with just one image and a few words. The pictures of recent demonstrations create their narratives which are often sympathetic to the demonstrators or sometimes sympathetic to the police trying to keep order. There doesn’t need to be people in the image to create a narrative, powerful images of decay or of industrial buildings create their own narrative.

creating a narrative

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Art for arts sake? #ramble

It’s Sunday morning, and so as usual, I’ll share my thoughts with you. Today’s title is “art for arts sake?” which was a song by 10 cc. It is also associated with Oscar Wilde who believed that art didn’t need to express anything. I take photographs and they evoke something in the viewer. I put a picture of a corner shop on Facebook yesterday and people commented about previous owners and one reader said it was her parent’s shop a long time ago.

art for arts sake

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Getting back to business as usual. #finance

Many pubs and other entertainment businesses are due to open this weekend. Will it be business as usual? Hardly! They will need one way systems, screens and will have to introduce table service. This is the new normal and likely to continue for some time. It could even be the new normal over Christmas.

business as usual

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Choosing a camera #photography

Over the weekend I went out and took a few photographs despite the weather. I also compared the cameras I own and the results of my comparisons weren’t what I was expecting. You might expect the most expensive camera to produce the best results. That’s what I thought. I compared a pocket camera with no viewfinder, my Fujifilm S5600, my Nikon D3200 and lastly my Nikon D750. I also compared the camera on my phone. The cameras with viewfinders were much better simply because there is less camera shake.  The difference between the shots I took with the different cameras was minimal although the more expensive D750 was the easiest to use. If you’re choosing a camera the Nikon D750 is a great camera but any camera with a viewfinder is a good way to start in photography.

choosing a camera

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The epidemic in Britain is not over! #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and as usual, I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? The weather! I want to go out and take photographs but it’s quite showery this morning. It will at least keep people from going to the beach! Restrictions on many small businesses will be lifted next Saturday but people are already taking that as a signal that the danger from the virus has passed. The epidemic in Britain is not over! The virus lies in wait for us.

The epidemic in Britain is not over

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Premier foods and the market #finance

I’ve had an interesting week watching the stock market with Premier Foods soaring to new highs. Overall, thanks to Premier Foods my portfolio appreciated by around 10% this week. My mistake of buying too many shares in the maker of those exceedingly good cakes came good at last! I now have the potential to sell PFD and Barclays at a profit. I can then wait for the rest of my portfolio to come good. I’m not going to be in any rush to sell. I think both shares are worth keeping a little bit longer.

Premier Foods

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Sausage and ham salad #food #photography

While I’ve been in lockdown, I’ve been doing a lot of food photography and preparing meals that not only taste good but look good too! Today it was sausage and ham salad.


sausage and ham (the sausage was one of those special gluten-free ones)

rocket, cress, radish, iceberg lettuce and cucumber 

tomato, beetroot, apple and grapes

new potatoes – salad cream or mayonnaise

sausage and ham salad

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Composing your image #photography

The first thing to learn about photography is composition. Most people begin with a bridge camera or even a pocket camera and work their way up to a DSLR of a  compact system camera. Some photographers follow ‘rules’. They will put their subject 1/3 of the way across the frame because that is the rule of thirds. It is important to understand the rule, however. Artists put their subject one-third of the way across the frame so the subject doesn’t dominate the image and the viewer appreciates the background too. It isn’t a ‘rule’, however. Sometimes, we want the subject to dominate the image, especially for a portrait. You can choose when you’re composing your image.

Composing your image

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Life presents so many challenges #ramble

This week I was challenged to post an ‘artistic picture’ a day on Facebook by a fellow artist. I’ve been doing that and I’m now on day three. I like challenges and tomorrow I’ll do the weekly challenge from 64 Million Artists, as well. Of course, life presents many challenges and more so now, as we try to avoid becoming infected with Covid-19. Getting information so we can assess the risk is a challenge in itself. I have found out that there have been about 10 deaths in the council ward that I live in. I believe there are more than 50 people carrying the virus in the town I live in, who are symptomatic, asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic. I am vulnerable to the virus, as are all people over the age of 45. I also have health problems that make me vulnerable. I’m taking this challenge seriously.


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