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Pre-loved and used.

There is a lot less stigma to buying used goods these days and most people buy used cars. You can obviously get a bargain if you know what to look for and where. Even clothes and furniture can be found at great prices.

Clothes go out of fashion quickly, but if you’re into the retro look then check out charity shops, markets and Ebay. Often clothes can be found for special events like fancy dress or when you need an evening dress or dress suit.


The most sought after used goods are cars, few of us can afford to buy brand new. The older cars if they have been looked after will still be quite reliable and get you from A to B, but won’t have the modern refinements. My car is 18 years old and still runs great, but it has only done around 50,000 miles. Maintenance is costing more now, though.


Second-hand tech can be a bargain too if you don’t need the latest model. Cameras often sell at a fraction of their new price as users upgrade to better models. The more expensive DSLRs can be much cheaper than buying new but check the condition. Both cameras and lenses can be ruined if they get damp inside because mould tends to grow inside lenses. Televisions are always being improved and a used television can be a bargain these days as people upgrade.

Dead cheap?

If you’re not too bothered where your acquisitions come from, you can get real bargains when homes are cleared after a bereavement. The relatives just want the house empty so will accept quite low offers.

Where to look

As I’ve already mentioned there are charity shops and Ebay, but your local newspaper might have advertisements too. Very popular at the moment are the buy and sell groups on Facebook, look for one that serves your area. Bargains sometimes come up on Twitter too. Auto Trader can be useful if you’re in the market for a car as well.


The Aldi super-six this week are chestnut mushrooms, mangetout, Braeburn apples, oranges, grapes snack pack and onions (1 kg). They are all 59p.

Today’s special event at Aldi is a pancake day event with all the cooking equipment that you might need.

The special offer event on Sunday is all work wear and DIY.


Poundland is now doing offers that cost more than a pound and case deals on their website. You have to be a little careful in Poundland, not everything is a bargain, but I find things like stationery are quite good.


The Poundshop business model is almost identical to that of Poundland. So check their website for bargains too.

Remember when you’re looking for bargains to look for value for money. The cheapest isn’t always the best value. There is a lot to be said for old restored furniture because it tends to be better quality and a minimalist look will make your home easier to clean. A home with a couple of quality artworks on the wall looks better than one with lots of cheap tat for decoration.

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