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Pre-loved savings #thrifty


Pre-loved is the modern term for used items that have been looked after by their previous owners and covers everything from baby clothes to well-maintained cars. Lots of goods are available online these days and it can be worth checking out local buy and sell groups on Facebook as well as Ebay.


Clothes are relatively cheap compared to years ago but good quality clothes for special occasions are still worth looking for. Things like evening clothes and retro clothes tend to be looked after and pre-loved. So too, can specialist clothing such as those worn by performers or clothes for fancy dress.


Pre-loved furniture can be a bargain and again retro furniture can be very stylish and elegant. Even if the furniture hasn’t been looked after it can be relatively easy to restore solid wood furniture to look like new. When you look for furniture, look for quality and furniture that defies fashion.


Fashion can make some smart phones replaceable and so quite expensive phones can be bought for a fraction of what they cost when new. You have to be careful to check they are unlocked and not tied to a specific carrier.  Other things like computers might be a little dated but you can find good bargains. A good camera such as a DSLR can be found on EBay for a fraction of the new price and there are pages on Facebook where people sell camera equipment such as lenses, too.

Car Boot sales

Car boot sales tend to sell the smaller items and there can be a tendency to buy things on impulse that you don’t really need. You can pick up DVD’s for a fraction of the usual  price and collectables seem popular on car boot sales and bric-a-brac markets. The odd item that has been really pre-loved and looked after is often the bargain of the day.

Charity shops

Charity shops seem to be everywhere where I live and with clothes lasting longer and people buying new clothes so frequently the charity shops get donated clothes that haven’t even been worn and clothes that have hardly been worn. Charity shops are really worth checking for pre-loved goods.


There are other pre-loved larger items for sale. You can find everything from houses to luxury yachts. There is no longer a stigma attached to buying used goods, everyone does it.

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