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Predators and prey #life

predators or prey


In the wild there are predators and prey. It’s Darwin’s survival of the fittest  as the animals  try to survive individually and collectively. The lion is part of  pride and has no feelings about the suffering of it’s prey as it rips through it’s flesh with it’s razor sharp teeth. The heart of the lion beats just like our own.


We too are animals with animal instincts that we strive to control. We are singularly the one species with sophisticated communication and rules of behaviour. However our instincts are still a powerful force and still rule our behaviour. We can choose to be predators or we can find ourselves as the prey.

This week I saw people in one of the world’s richest cities, New York, begging on the pavement because they were homeless. The ‘fittest’, the rich had priced them out of any place to live and so they  struggled to survive on the streets in Arctic temperature. The predators who put them there have no feeling about their suffering just like the lion tearing apart it’s kill.

In Britain the wealthy are preying on the weak too and they are dying or committing suicide. We have a government made up of the privileged and wealthy and although they might give the impression of being sophisticated and civilised. If we look beneath the surface, we find they are not as in control of themselves as they would like us to  think. Scratch beneath the surface and we see greed, paedophilia and a competitiveness to rise to the top regardless of the pain their prey might suffer. Like the lions, they will even turn on each other.

In India this week, a man convicted of rape thought he had done no wrong and his victim, the prey, should just accept it. This is the sort of primitive behaviour that underpins domestic abuse, child abuse and all misogynist behaviour. Feminists argue that pornography panders to men’s primitive instincts. It treats women with the same disregard that the lion has for his prey. Women are prey to many men. In English culture there were attempts to control the primitive behaviour of men with social rules and etiquette. Those rules still apply, but the respect that men pay to women is often, only in public.

In India, women protested en-masse in the streets against rape, this is how social rules that limit primitive behaviour can be controlled. It is by mass acceptance and action that we can make survival of the fittest unacceptable. I find it strange that the novel 50 shades of Grey is popular with women. They are after all the prey in that scenario or do they accept that role and see it as desirable?

We can choose to live in a dog eat dog world, where rape and violence are the norm as they were a 1,000 years ago when the Vikings raped and pillaged England or we can strive for a more civilised society based on understanding and compassion. No wonder the English embraced Christianity.

What do you think. In a society where survival of the fittest rules, can you survive? Are you a predator or the prey?  Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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