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Preparation and editing #photography

I photographed Hill Top library on Sunday and I’m shooting in jpg and raw now so I took some time to edit one of the photos yesterday and chose one I didn’t need to crop so it is 6000 x 4000 pixels. I did the editing in Aftershot which gives me slightly better images, especially colour balance. It also removes the vignette. I couldn’t even see a vignette until it was removed, it was very slight. I also did some preparation for a photo-shoot using flash photography.



The editing only produced fine improvement and I had to take the shot from across the road and shoot in-between passing traffic. I think the picture might make a future art card. My art cards sold out in Wednesbury library so I took them another 50 sets and perhaps an art card featuring a library might prove popular in the future.


Yesterday’s photo-shoot was in the council chamber and I was required to photograph the mayor and councillors. The council chamber is quite dark with stained glass windows so I had to use the flash. I set the Speedlight on i-TTL which adjusts the amount of light using the camera’s light meter. Setting focus and metering was important and they were set as centre-weighted. To reduce the amount of light needed I shot wide open with the widest aperture I could manage. Bright flashes tend to make people blink and the facial expressions aren’t desirable either. A wide aperture allows more light into the camera and gives a shallow depth of field. I used the 28 – 300 mm lens which wasn’t ideal but it’s the only FX lens I have and is a good all-rounder. I could have used a DX lens but I don’t think the results would have been much different. The pictures were very much as I expected and they weren’t as good as would have been achieved in natural light with the flash reflected in people’s eyes and on glasses, etc. I think flash-photography has its limitations. I will work on my flash-photography though and see if I can improve it. In some situations bouncing the flash off ceilings and walls works better. I did most of the preparation while I was waiting and that just left apertures to be set while I was shooting. I did the shoot in aperture priority.

Art Cards

Now spring is here the light is quite good so I hope to get some shots suitable for art cards. I not only have to get the shots and edit them. I also have to have the cards printed and sell enough to cover printing costs. The library and Rugby club sold some in Wednesbury. I think some might sell at the town hall too. I shall photograph the Fountain and Pie Factory in Tipton and try to get pictures good enough for art cards then see if Tipton library are interested in selling them. Eventually, I might be able to give people a choice of cards at the libraries and other places. Preparation for those shots will include checking the position of the sun and considering the best time of day for the shot.

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