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Preparing for an event #photography

There will be a few events in the coming weeks and months that I’ll try and photograph. Preparing for an event means considering the right camera settings. On Saturday, we have an Easter Eggstravaganza in and around the town square and so I’ll go to photograph that. Mostly, I’ll be photographing people using my 28 –300 lens and often zooming in from a distance away.

Preparing for an event

The weather

I can’t predict the weather but I can check the forecast and I expect it to be warmer but there could be cloud cover reducing the light. I want sharp photos so that means fast shutter speeds. When I zoom in I might need shutter speeds as fast as 1/300 of a second. In practice, they might be a little slower than that but certainly faster than what I use for landscape photography.

Wide aperture

I’ll take most shots with a wide aperture, actually, I’ll probably shoot wide open for most shots. That will give me a shallow depth of field for photographing people. I can take a sample shot and see what shutter speed the camera gives me on aperture priority. If the shutter speed is slow then I can compensate by increasing the ISO.


The metering will be centre-weighted for taking photos of people but it is easy to alter so I can change it to a matrix for the crowd shots. I will prefer spot focusing so I can accurately identify my subjects.

Crowd shots

I’m going to be zoomed out and taking crowd shots at around 28 mm. I’ll alter the aperture to f/8 and the slower shutter speed should still be at least 1/100 of a second and give me good shots.

Preparing for an event

Overall, I want to capture the spirit of the event. I’ll look for interesting characters and movement. The event will be in the town square and market and there should be some entertainment. Whatever is drawing the people will draw me as a photographer. I can use the pictures to help make people aware of events in the community and as a reminder of that particular event in the future. Preparing for an event is about considering what you’ll be photographing and setting your camera up for that kind of shot. My Nikon D750 is fairly easy to set up and it’s also easy to change settings as I shoot.

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