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Preparing for Christmas in 2020 #life

Preparing for Christmas in 2020 is fraught with danger. We want to enjoy it but we want to be around in 2021 too. I’m vulnerable because of my age and health problems so I’ll be very cautious and isolate myself. My family is being cautious too. I’ve seen neighbours being less cautious and not following the tier three restrictions. Will they be even more blasé over Christmas? That could be disastrous and mean covid will surge in January.

Preparing for Christmas in 2020

Hope for the best

I think I’ll hope for the best and expect the worst. Preparing for Christmas in 2020 will probably mean crowded shops and people scrambling to buy lots of stuff they don’t need and probably won’t use. The virus will spread in shops and then in homes and we will see them post inane remarks on social media lamenting the pubs not being open.


I’ll have my PS4 (Playstation) to amuse me over Christmas. I admit GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is getting a little boring now but I tried an F1 game (Formula One) and that wasn’t as good as GTA. I do like racing around in an Italian Infernus and blowing things up. I’ve been looking for that armoured truck but I’ve only seen it once. I have found out how to conserve my money though and get my cars fixed, though!

Christmas Day

I expect it to be really quiet on Christmas Day. I might get one or two phone calls. I’ll go out and take a few photos. I usually go for a little drive and I’ve taken some good shots on Christmas Day in the past. The petrol station will be closed and I would like some photos of it deserted on Christmas day.


I have a grocery delivery on Monday and my food won’t vary much over Christmas. I’ll continue to eat healthily. I’ll do some cooking and maybe have a port and lemon with my Christmas dinner. I don’t want tummy upsets or indigestion so I’ll be very careful to be hygienic and make sure the chicken is cooked well. I will cook a turkey drumstick. Well, turkey is traditional, right?

Preparing for Christmas in 2020

Preparing for Christmas this year is about keeping healthy and making sure we live through 2021. So have a happy and healthy Christmas. If you’re vulnerable because of age, health problems or because you belong to the BAME community; be extra cautious. If you’re young you might be able to join with two other households in an exclusive bubble. Be careful if you’re young, you can easily become an asymptomatic carrier and pass the virus onto your loved ones who are vulnerable.

Happy Christmas, everyone.

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