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Preparing for Christmas #thrifty

Like most people, I’m preparing for Christmas and buying presents and food for guests. There is a temptation at Christmas to spend more than is necessary because we often feel ashamed that we can’t provide our family with the best. The best Christmas is one that will be remembered, so if you can’t afford expensive gifts, give your family a Christmas to remember by decorating the house and organising little events that will make it warm and memorable.

 preparing for Christmas

After the snow

I wasn’t able to safely drive because I live in a small avenue that was deep in snow so I waited until yesterday to do this week’s shopping. I bought some extra items to make sure I don’t run out of washing up liquid on Christmas day and even managed to pick up a final Christmas gift. Now all the gifts have been bought I need to buy a couple more gift bags and that side of buying for Christmas is finished. Fancy gift bags are expensive but I don’t have to provide wrapping for many presents. You can use cheaper wrapping paper if you have a lot of gifts to wrap. I was grateful for the rain washing away the snow yesterday but it did make me rush a little. Try to take your time and save money by selecting carefully. I went to Aldi which is great at Christmas and you save compared to shopping at the major supermarkets. They have frozen turkeys in stock now and fresh ones from next Tuesday.

The little shops

I have bought some gifts in a little shop that just opened but I’ll try to find time to shop on the High Street as well as in the supermarket and online. I have actually bought some pale coloured jeans online for the summer which were half price. I think I now have lots of clothes for the summer and can dress appropriately for any weather. Always try to buy in advance but give it a lot of thought, don’t buy things you might not ever wear.

Christmas Food

I’ll be cooking for one at Christmas and my freezer is rammed full. I can, not only last through Christmas but through any bad weather that we might have. If I can’t get a turkey next Tuesday, I will have duck from the freezer for Christmas dinner. I also have things in my freezer and food cupboard to do a Christmas buffet but I hope that some time next week to be able to get the fresh salad and vegetables that I’ll need.

Preparing for Christmas

Don’t forget the usual tasks as you’re preparing for Christmas like filling up with petrol. The petrol stations will only be closed one day but we might not want to be bothered filling up over Christmas. I don’t intend travelling far but you never know what emergency might arise so I will be sure to have enough fuel for any eventuality. I might check my tyre pressures too. I have a tyre pressure warning on my dashboard which is probably because of the extremely low temperatures. Checking my tyres when it is very cold could lead to higher than normal pressures when the tyres get warm. In icy conditions a slightly lower pressure is an advantage too.

That’s it for this week. Remember to buy what you can afford and don’t run up debt that you can’t afford. Preparing for Christmas can be expensive. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or below. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates or find links on my Facebook page.

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