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Preparing for Christmas #thrifty

Christmas is less than 3 weeks away and so like most people, I’m preparing for Christmas! I have been buying Christmas gifts for over a month and only have one left to buy. Gift vouchers can be an easy option and I buy one every year from the supermarket I know the recipient uses all the time. It is a good idea to avoid buying gift vouchers from stores that might go out of business before the voucher can be used.

preparing for Christmas

Preparing for Christmas

Besides the Christmas presents and decorations we also buy food and drink for Christmas and I find the discount supermarkets great for a lot of things. You can get black label scotch from Aldi for the same price as cheap brands at the big supermarkets. Both Aldi and Lidl have great selections of wine. I bought champagne from Aldi last year and top quality port is always on offer too. The luxury mince pies in Aldi are always chosen as one of the best in taste tests and the price is good too. I find luxury chocolates are good in Aldi and usually buy liquors for my guests. I find they prefer one high quality chocolate to lots of cheap milk chocolate. Aldi and Lidl have a good selection of beer too but I prefer to go to a privately owned discount supermarket for a well-known brand that I like.

Christmas dinner

I shall be cooking for one but I really like turkey and can eat one all to myself! It will last me a few days and I hope to get one on the Tuesday before Christmas from Aldi. If they are all sold out I’ll substitute a leg of duck that I have in the freezer. I’ll buy fruit and fresh vegetables to last me through Christmas that day as well as food for a buffet for guests.

The buffet

A buffet is the easiest way to cater for guests. I do a cold buffet but do some French fries in my air fryer that are served in baskets as an addition. The usual fare includes French ham and cheese, chicken drumsticks, seafood such as prawns with crisps and other nibbles. I also do some sort of dessert and then round it all off with those delicious chocolate liquors.


I have been thrifty all year and so I can splash out a little at Christmas but there is no need to waste money and I don’t expect my recycle bin to be overflowing with Christmas packaging afterwards. We can still look for bargains and shop around for presents and for food.


We all want to enjoy Christmas and with a little thought you can enjoy it much more. I will watch television at Christmas but that isn’t at the top of my list of things that I enjoy. When I have guests I won’t switch on the TV. We mostly chat and catch up on each others news and plans for the new year. If you have children it is a great time to catch up over a family game or something that will initiate conversation. You don’t really want loud music or everyone staring at the television. I enjoy writing and photography and so my blog will be published with photos from the past and I’ll be out Christmas Day taking photos. A white Christmas would really suit me! Christmas is about tradition but we don’t need to be ruled by tradition.

Preparing for Christmas is about spending money for most people and it is unwise to spend more than you can afford. Don’t regret Christmas in the new year.

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