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Preparing for Christmas #Wednesburyonline

It’s Sunday morning and so I’ll let you into the neural matrix once again and share my thoughts with you. Like most people, I’m preparing for Christmas and also thinking about the new year. I cleaned my bathroom yesterday and changed my bed. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice a paper tissue had found its way into a pillowcase so that went in the wash too. The sheets and pillowcases are washed and dried now but bits of tissue keep falling off them so I have to vacuum again. Cleaning isn’t easy when you’re not well. I still have two days left so I’ll be done by Tuesday!

preparing for Christmas


I haven’t done so much photography lately but I did manage to photograph Santa a couple of times. This is Santa giving out gifts to children in the library. I couldn’t photograph the children which is political correctness gone mad but it is all about data protection these days. Common sense just doesn’t apply any more. They have been asking children their opinions about their parents sharing photos of them on social media. I’m not sure how they chose the children but the questions were loaded in favour of a negative answer. The children it seems, want more privacy. Strangely enough, all my Facebook settings are public and I am followed by people who don’t really like me. One disturbed person was clicking ‘angry’ on every one of my posts on some Facebook pages and then ‘she’ posted a libellous review, so I banned her. I think it was a fake profile anyway. I shall forget about trolls and haters now because I am quite looking forward to 2019.

Preparing for Christmas

Anyway, I am still preparing for Christmas. I was going to cook duck for Christmas dinner but couldn’t find any in the supermarket but found a turkey drumstick which is enough for me, so popped that in the trolley. Then I found the duck and had that too! So hopefully, I’ll cook the turkey today and duck on Christmas Day. I bought chocolate as well! I’m treating myself but I won’t be drinking any more alcohol than usual and overall I want to actually reduce my sugar intake. 2019 is going to be the year of less sugar!


My interest in the arts has been renewed and I even managed to write a little poetry this year. My little art project was a success with enough art cards selling to recover the print costs. If I can sell more I can fund another set of cards. I might be able to do one for Tipton and one for West Bromwich. Wednesbury library has been selling the cards for me so I would have to talk to staff at West Bromwich and Tipton libraries first. I will think about the subject first. I’m thinking about the Fountain pub in Tipton as a subject and in West Bromwich, I think either the Farley Tower or Highfields House.


My health and mobility have been a problem this year. I hope to see specialists early in 2019 and a change of medication might improve things. If I can improve my health then I can become involved in the Blast Photography Festival, which would be great. It will be going to the 6 towns and so I should be able to manage Wednesbury because I know it so well and can find parking spaces and that sort of thing. I might be able to manage Tipton too but West Bromwich will be more of a challenge. Life is a challenge, though, so I’ll just try my best!

That’s all for today. As usual, if you would like to subscribe to my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar (desktop site) or follow me on Twitter for links to my latest posts. There are also links on my Facebook page. I’ll end with some photos from 2018. This week’s photography post might be a day early but there will definitely be one!

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