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Preparing for winter weather #snow

Snow in Wednesbury

We had our first sprinkling of snow yesterday. That was a timely reminder that we need to prepare for winter. Local councils and government should be preparing too. We have a terrorist alert after the events in Paris. I don’t think they will be able to brave the cold like us. Snow? Bring it on!

I have a scraper for my car and a few cans of de-icer. It’s been serviced and has new tyres and brakes. The traction control on my car is really good in bad weather too. I’ll still need to keep warm and so I’ll be sorting out thermal underwear. I actually bought that in summer; I think ahead. I’ve bought some underwear that keeps you cool, ready for next summer! You have to think ahead!

I’m thinking of locations where I’ll get really good photos if it does really freeze or snows. I will be photographing the switch on of the Christmas lights on Friday and I’m prepared for that with a new Speedlight (flash).

Snow Mill Pool West Bromwich Millfields

Snow is great for reflecting what little light there is and so it does make for quite pretty landscapes. I tend to warm the car up, then nip out quickly and take the shots, then back to the warm car! Are you prepared for winter? We have to be prepared for the heating bills too. I have some rock salt in the shed, I’ll need to make that easily available too. There is so much to do before winter comes, no wonder people get caught out!

I’ll finish with a few more pictures, click on one to bring up the carousel.

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