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Preparing to save money in winter

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Today we have winter sunshine in England. It’s cold outside and my central heating thermostat is cutting in a lot. I have washing in the washing machine that will be pegged outside to dry. Why use electricity to dry washing when nature will do it for you? I have been preparing for winter in a number of ways.

The less heat that escapes my home in winter, the lower the fuel bills and with the energy companies set to raise prices again, it’s worth thinking about saving energy. Electricity is expensive and so use the minimum amount by using low energy appliances and switching them off when not in use. Things that produce heat use the most energy, so change those old incandescent light bulbs for cooler more modern ones. I have a 5 ft. fluorescent in my kitchen that gives a good light and is only 60W.

My heating is gas and so much cheaper than electricity, but I live alone; so why heat the whole house? I have draught proofing on all the doors, the interior ones as well as exterior. If I’m not going to be using a room all day, I can close the door to stop my precious heat going in there and save money. My bedroom is quite cold, but I’m not in there. Before I go to bed, I can open the door and turn on the radiator to make it nice and warm when I have a shower and go to bed. It will warm up quickly, because heat doesn’t escape through the roof because it’s insulated and the cavity in the wall has insulation too. I close my thick curtains and so that stops so much heat escaping through the window.

It’s a good idea to keep yourself well insulated too. I have a really thick cardigan that I have just put on to go outside and peg my washing out. I’m not going to advocate bedcaps and bed socks, but warm pyjamas are a good idea. You sometimes have to choose sexy or sensible and sensible seems better in winter. You need to wrap up warm when you go out, wear a hat, scarf and gloves. Even if you’re in the car, you can still wrap up, the less you use the heater, the less fuel the car will use.

They eat porridge in Scotland for good reason, it helps to keep you warm. Eating the right foods in winter is important. I cook a lot of warming soup and stews. Research has shown that chicken soup is very effective remedy for the common cold. I think just breathing in the steam that comes off a bowl of chicken soup must kill a few germs! At the time of writing, the stew packs have just become available.

You should check your car is ready for winter too. I shall book mine in for a service next week. I also have de-icer and  a scraper ready for the bad weather. It’s not a bad idea to charge the battery, because the voltage will drop when it gets really cold. You should check tyres and tyre pressures, fluid levels and make sure you have anti freeze in and the window washers have suitable fluid in.

I also have rock salt and a snow shovel ready, in case we have the dreaded white stuff fall this winter. They have salt for paths in Asda now. I got a snow shovel from Aldi.

Finally, Christmas is getting closer and that can be an expensive time. You could start looking for presents now when you’re shopping in the supermarket and other shops. If you pick up some bargains now, it could save you money at Christmas. I’ve been buying some drinks for when I have guests, prices will probably go up closer to Christmas. They have chocolate money in Lidl! There are more blogs on the home page, please comment. 

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