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Price war #thrifty

Price war

I’ve been checking out different supermarkets to see if the price war between them is making any difference. This week I went to Morrison’s and things don’t seem to to have changed very much.


The prices were still more expensive than Aldi, but of course, you have a lot more choice. I bought grapes for 1.25 and they were a little damaged but were basically the same as the ones from Asda last week for 1.50 and although the ones from Tesco a couple of weeks ago were better for £2 I suspect the damage is because it is the end of the season in India.


I really like turkey and found a whole leg which looks good quality. I cooked a drumstick from Tesco and it didn’t seem as good as good one from Asda. I’ll see how Morrison’s compares.

Customer service

The price war is only part of the story and the supermarkets are competing on customer service too. Tesco has improved their customer service and the staff are pleasant and helpful to customers. Asda is still slow at the checkouts with many customers opting to use the ones where they scan the products themselves. Morrison’s service was slow too, but the staff are making an effort and the shelves were well stocked. Aldi is a much smaller store and a much smaller car park and so they have to restock all the time and rush people through the checkout. If you want to shop quickly, Aldi wins and they win on prices. They win the price war on prices and speed but lose on the choice of products. They don’t restock quick enough sometimes and so after a busy time, the shelves can be half-empty. I haven’t been to Lidl for a while, I’ll try to check it out soon.

Best buys

My best buy at Morrison’s was definitely the turkey. I like chicken wings too, but they were a smaller pack and more expensive. Asda wins on wings! I bought Dandelion and Burdock pop and Morrison’s wins on price. I’m told it tastes better too. Aldi French fries are really nice for 75p a kilo. I needed some Hall Soothers and Tesco had those in multipacks and the rest were out of stock. The differences in price on vegetables is closing while Aldi wins on price, the bigger supermarkets have far more choice.

Price war

In the price war stakes, I think Aldi is still winning. Lidl, near where I live is on the edge of two housing estates and dominant in that area and they compete well with certain products just like Aldi.

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