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Price wars and dumping #thrifty

Price wars

The price wars between supermarkets continue to hold the prices of many basic foods down as the big supermarket chains try to hold on to their market share against stiff competition from discounters. Some products just get dumped into the market for various reasons; sometimes they aren’t very popular or supply outstrips demand. This applies to special buys in the discounters and also to many offers in the pound shops.

price wars

Harvest time

It’s harvest time in the UK and that will mean a good supply of some fruit and vegetables. We also benefit from harvest time in other countries. The grapes I buy usually come from India or even as far away as South America but recently I have bought sweeter seedless grapes from Greece and Spain. Plums are now in the supermarkets as British fruit growers harvest their crops. English apples are also in the shops.


Over-supply and end of lines tend to be dumped and end up as Aldi special buys or in Poundland. These bargains are usually temporary and sometimes even the special buy is reduced further to clear space for the next offer. Aldi has a nice briefcase and laptop bag on offer that I would like to replace my laptop bag. That is probably a temporary offer that is available online and in some of the stores. I think the price for a leather briefcase is quite good and it is dual purpose.

Bulk buying

Because many offers are temporary, you can take advantage of them by bulk buying and stocking up. I stock my freezer when things are on offer. I buy Aldi gluten free sausages when they are on offer and pack as many into my freezer as I can. The beer I like is on offer at a local discount store and as Christmas approaches I expect prices to increase. I’m stocking up on drinks for Christmas now. The low value of the pound against other currencies is also increasing prices of imported goods likes foreign beer and wine. Stock up now because as new stocks come in, prices will increase.

Premier brands

Shops make more profit on premier brands and even though they will cut some prices, they will put the champagne in a prominent position to tempt you to indulge in a little luxury. Despite being a discounter, Aldi will have champagne and luxury mince pies close to the tills coming up to Christmas. The other supermarkets will also push their premium products over Christmas to tempt you.

You can now buy those special buys from Aldi online so you don’t have to miss out if your local store didn’t stock them. Don’t be tempted to buy goods you don’t need. It can be expensive to get rid of our unwanted goods these days. Look out for signs of price wars and competition between other stores too.

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