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Prime lens – zoom lens?

BLUEBELLS shot with a prime lens

Prime lens

My 35mm prime lens gives me a really wide aperture, ideal for this shot of the bluebells. A prime lens doesn’t zoom and so you have to bend down for a shot like this and for other shots you walk around a lot rather than zoom.



I took a few shots with the prime lens on Sunday too around Wednesbury town centre. I usually edit to adjust the contrast and brightness, but these shots didn’t seem to need it. It was a nice sunny afternoon and I was able to shoot at F14. These shots are a nice record of Wednesbury streets in 2016 even though they aren’t likely to change very much in the near future.


I’ve taken this shot many times before and it’s a good landscape shot with a prime lens. It was a little bit misty but the image seems fairly sharp.



I changed to my 18 – 105mm lens for this shot taken on Moxley Island. I think the way All Saint’s church dominates the picture makes it quite an interest image. The Walsall canal runs under this roundabout and there was once a boatman’s overnight hostel there.



We spotted this flotilla of narrowboats on the canal as the sun was going down yesterday evening. I had to use the zoom lens for these shots. A zoom lens has a sweet spot around the middle of its range which is about 60mm on my 105mm lens. The prime lens is always good  but not suitable when you need to zoom in close on narrowboats on the opposite side of the canal. The owners of the boats were gathered for what looked like a party on the other side of the canal and invited us to cross over and take pictures, but the light was fading fast. We intended to go back today but it rained overnight. I still might get some pictures in decent light. They will set off tomorrow towards Walsall at midday.

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