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Producing content #ramble #socialmedia

It’s Sunday morning and so I will share my thoughts with you once again. Some years ago, I was invited to join a social media group for student journalists. The students were required to join the Facebook group, start a LinkedIn group, set up a LinkedIn professional profile and start a blog. I’m still a member of the Facebook group and LinkedIn group. I tried to advise the students and learnt something from the experience too. Social media is now a huge industry and one that has attracted the attention of lawmakers as it becomes so pervasive and part of our everyday lives. Today, I’m thinking about producing content for social media.

part of producing content for myblog


Social media management is about producing and publishing content and that isn’t just what I do, that is what I’m good at. Whether it is writing a blog or taking a photograph, I’m better than average. I’m also working out how the new algorithm works on Facebook. That is important because I admin five Facebook pages. One of the pages is the History of Wednesbury page which I’ve made more popular and taken past 7,500 ‘likes’. Facebook ‘likes’ are the measure of success. I even neglect my own Facebook page to spend more time on that one. I think I’ll try to spend more time on my Facebook page this summer.  The page for Darlaston Writers Group is going reasonably well and I don’t need to produce all the content for that. We have a few laughs at our meetings and we are going publish some of our poems and stories in print. I was the only one to take poems to our meet-up yesterday but I think the others will contribute soon. Being creative is about producing content not just for social media but also for printing.


Social media does give people a voice and so it gives them influence. Even a poem can provoke a reaction. Poems can be humorous or take a person to a different era. Poems can tell a story in a lyrical way. Blogs are part of social media now and my blog posts can give people ideas to improve their lifestyle or their photography. If they read this post they might understand social media management a little better. Managing social media effectively does give you some influence. Social media is competitive too and I have an advantage because I can write and produce the pictures. I actually quite enjoy it as well. If I have nothing to do, I often get creative and do some graphic design for my own amusement. Of course, everyone has an influence on Facebook but they don’t try to become professional at it. Some people run Facebook pages and get the first 500 likes which are basically friends and friends of friends and then they get stuck. My own Facebook page is stuck in a rut because I don’t spend enough time putting content on it. I will have more content through the summer though and so I’ll give it a boost.

Producing content

So there you have it. I have, producing content on my mind today and so I’m thinking of going out to take photographs this afternoon. My picture of the Metro that I took last evening is on my blog today. What will I use for this week’s photography post? We shall see.

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