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Promote local WEDNESBURY

I went out last night taking photos in the twilight. It can be a good time as the light is less harsh. I managed to photograph a couple of pubs and other businesses. Just putting photos on Facebook is helping to promote local business. It’s not just small businesses that I want to promote, though.

Promote local

Yes, I have a sort of one man ‘promote local’ campaign going and I hope it will enrich the town and the Black Country, not just by putting extra money into local businesses and charities, but by encouraging cultural enrichment too. My blogs have been featured in the local newspaper and that is set to not only continue but be reorganised and take greater prominence. Words and pictures can create an image. Wednesbury has an image that says deprivation, but by concentrating on the positive attributes that can be built upon, with some investment of time, money and innovation, perhaps we can make things better.

Picnic in the park

Picnic in the Park 12 June 2016

I am also trying to organise a picnic in the park for fans of the History of Wednesbury page on Facebook. We have the Black Country Brass Band coming to play in our Victorian Bandstand and so as admin of the history page I have asked people to dress in period costume and bring a picnic on the 12th of June. Historically the 12th is a good day because we have a 90% chance of good weather!

The band are due to start playing at 2pm, which is close to midday and so the light will be quite harsh with the sun high in the sky. I have encountered this problem before and so I have decided to use a warming filter to offset that a little. Oh yes, I will be taking photos and hopefully, the picture desk at the Express and Star will be interested in them. If people take the trouble to dress in period clothing, any period of the last 100 years, then we should get good photographs of a historic event. This could be our ‘promote local’ jewel in the crown!

That’s it for today if you would like to follow this blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can find more ideas and photographs on my Facebook page.

One venue has made life hard for me by requiring me to get everyone’s written permission before taking photos. I won’t be promoting them this year. I will promote small businesses, charities and organisations that are cooperative and sensible. I do accept bribes in the form of free tickets, drinks and so on, just so that I can test them!

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