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Having a blog is about having influence and so today I am using it. As you can see from the graphic, Jake West: The Estian Alliance by M. J. Webb is out. It is the third novel in the trilogy. I have been involved with these novels and the author from the beginning. We don’t have many authors in the Black Country so I am pleased to promote this one. You can find out more on the website. You can buy the book on Lulu or on Amazon either as a normal print copy or as a eBook. All the book covers have been done by the brilliant A. J. Hateley, who has a website too. She recently left university with a Masters degree and landed a prestigious job with a major publisher in London. Martin lives in Walsall and is married with two children. I knew his dad and I am sure if he was still with us, he would be thrilled to see Martin doing his best to make it as an author. 

Megan Reece

I have no shame when it comes to promoting myself or others! This is Megan Reece who I photographed singing on Friday night at The Horse and Jockey. Megan is my sister’s grand daughter. She is very talented and you can hear her sing by clicking that link to her website. Megan lives in Wolverhampton; which counts as the Black Country for promotional purposes! Megan usually sings in larger venues and attracts large audiences, so if you have a suitable gig, you can contact her through her website

There aren’t many bloggers in the Black Country either, but I’ll mention Antony N Britt, the N is for Nick, which he prefers. He does a Sunday Roast blog every week. He must be cooking his Sunday roast because he hasn’t published one yet today, but I’m sure he will. Nick’s about as sarcastic and facetious as me, so it’s worth popping over there and seeing what he has to say this week.

This blog is read in about 60 different countries over a period of a  month and so remember the names; we want to make these people famous! You can buy the books too!

Please comment if you have something to say and as usual there are more blogs to read on the home page.


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