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Proud to be Black Country

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I live in the Black Country and it’s not the prettiest place. People speak with a regional accent and dialect and it’s not posh.  We don’t speak the King’s English, we speak with a dialect that goes back to medieval times.

People think we sound stupid; we’re not. I really find it annoying when people think we aren’t very smart and talk down to us. I’ve had it happen a few times in the past week. I tend to be polite and tolerate such people, but it’s still annoying. Who are they to sit in judgement on me and my Anglo Saxon heritage?

The latest offender was some guy who says he works in the City of London. I am waiting for a ‘call back’ from my energy company who messed up the prediction for my energy usage over the next 12 months. I have been answering the phone, hence I talked to this City of London guy who sounds like Boris Johnson, telling me he can invest my money in gold and give me a high return. To add insult to injury, he tried to tell me he could triple my money in a matter of months. He used a lot of technical jargon like leverage, like I don’t know what that means. He thought I was too stupid to know that gold has been at around $1300 for a while, having come down from a high when people (in the City) were panicking because of the financial crisis.

I switched my answering machine back on and ignored the bumbling scammer. He still kept trying, the phone kept ringing. It probably rang when I was down the garden picking runner beans for dinner…

The Black Country is mostly deprived and pay rates are low. Some educators think we should encourage children to speak properly to give them a better chance in life. The Black Country was once rich; an industrial powerhouse that served the world. What happened to the money? People with posh accents invested it elsewhere when we were no longer of use. I think we do need better education in the Black Country and particularly financial education. Our building societies and other financial institutions used to serve a good purpose before Thatcher started destroying them along with our industry. British industry with it’s ships, cars and aeroplanes is consigned to history. The City of London with it upper class con men and spivs is what provides the jobs and the bonuses for the gentry now and they blame us when it all goes wrong.

The FTSE all share index is down again today, so the City spivs won’t be too happy. My investments are up a little, but I’m not after a quick quid, I can be patient. I’m certainly not going to be investing in gold with a dodgy company with an amateurish website with no names on the ‘about page’. I’m quite open about who I am and people can check out my LinkedIn profile, Twitter account and Facebook page. I like transparency, I let people know who I am and what I do.

I’m quite proud to be Black Country.

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