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pseudo-democracy without education?

I’m getting a little tired of the fallout from Brexit. People voted in a referendum and the people decided but on what evidence and did they understand the debate? Democracy is supposed to be government by the people but if we are honest the people of the United Kingdom rejected the European bureaucracy precisely because it is undemocratic. Yes, we elect MEP’s to the European parliament but they are then just representing themselves. They get fat salaries and expenses and we hear little from them until the next election. The media ignores them and they debate irrelevant issues like how straight bananas should be. We have a pseudo-democracy without education, the people do not understand the system or the issues. 


The European dream was an idealistic dream out of which came some useful things like the European Court of Human Rights and many other things. The single market serves every nation. Free movement of people could serve every nation except that those nations aren’t all equal and so it leads to economic migration. Then there are the migrants from outside the EU that complicate the issues. This is a pseudo-democracy based on an idealistic dream.

These problems would be less severe if the European bureaucracy was more open to the people and the people were educated enough to understand the issues and able to lobby their members of the parliament and communicate with the European Commission. The government must be close to the people and the people must be educated enough to interact with their government.


The concept of subsidiarity was borne out of the Maastricht Treaty and then ignored. The European parliament should be a subsidiary of national governments and they, in turn, the subsidiary of local government. Make decisions that affect people close to the people so they can have their say and interact with government. European decision can be made at European level, national decisions at a national level but most decisions need to be made at local level. The people making those decisions should make decisions based on evidence, not prejudice.


Education raises us up from our primitive desires and allows us to advance the human race. It makes the human race a higher race than the other animals. We have language and therefore social skills. We can interact much more with each other than the other animals. We are the sophisticated species, but it is not very sophisticated to reject one of our own because they appear different or have a different coloured skin. Recent experiments in democracy in Britain have driven racism and many aspects of the arguments put forward in the recent referendum were driven by racism. Racism is borne out of ignorance; education is the antidote to that ignorance. We need more than a pseudo-democracy, we need better education.

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