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At the beginning of the last century Britain was a Christian country and people believed in God. Religions gave the masses rules to live their lives by and if they didn’t follow them, they could go to hell; literally. It seems Britain lost some of it’s belief in God at the time of the first world war and who can blame people for losing their faith in the face of such horror. The second world war with such inhumanity as concentration camps and gas chambers was further evidence that either God doesn’t exist or that God exists, but he has given up on the human race.  So, we are alone, insecure and anxious…

We still have each other of course, but the rules have gone. The belief that we should be charitable to one another and not judge each other too harshly was gone. Society changed and and life was now called a ‘rat race’. This was not confined to Britain, but spread throughout the Western world. The paradigm for a better society was technological and scientific achievement, we are on our own, but with technology we can become our own God. Maybe, even make our own God. The joke about asking a super computer if there is a God and the super computer answering, “there is now,” could become a reality.

We tried to solve the problem of anxiety and our own insecurities with drugs. Legal ones like benzodiazepines and alcohol; illegal ones like marijuana and even crack cocaine. We have had counselling, therapies, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and hypnotherapists taking people back to their formative childhood years. We can now scan people’s brains and see if there are any abnormalities that make them more anxious than usual.

Does any of these modern ‘advances’ make us nicer to one another? Do any of them make us more empathic towards one another so we can appreciate each others problems? Do any of these ‘advances’ make it easier for us to live together?

Are we as a society encouraged by newspapers, magazines and television to be nicer people, to have morals, to be more charitable? Or are we encouraged by magazines to be self absorbed narcissistic followers of fashion and trends?

Many people are struggling to leave their own homes, they get anxious about getting a job, they feel self conscious about socialising and feel other people will be not at all charitable and judge them harshly just because they can’t afford the latest fashion or trend. Worst of all many people without moral guidance just don’t know how to behave. Is it a dog eat dog world? Is it survival of the fittest or should we try to work together. Many people think that the lame ducks should go to the wall. To hell with those who can’t keep up; they are just weak. Why can’t the weak, sick and disabled work? It will give them self respect and we should test them to see what their abilities are. We need to get rid of the ‘nanny state’; don’t we?

We can all be more charitable towards one another or we can behave like wild dogs and compete against one another. What do you think? The comment box is your chance to express what you think.

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