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Psychology: Introverts and extroverts

Introverts tend to be the quiet studious types and extroverts the life and soul of the party and more outgoing. However, the two groups aren’t always opposed in their behaviour. Introverts can be quite outgoing at times and extroverts can be quite withdrawn and need their own ‘space’.


We do tend to have a dominant side to our personality, a ‘primary function’ and for extroverts that means looking outwards and being sociable. Extroverts tend to make good public speakers and like the attention of others. They choose careers such as teachers, politicians, acting and roles that involve being the centre of attention and in the public eye. They can be quite narcissistic in their behaviour; wanting everyone to ‘love’ and admire them. They can even be quite psychotic in their behaviour. It would seem  the tendency  to be extrovert is a matter of degree. Some people are very extrovert and crave public attention. Others balance their extrovert tendencies with some introverted behaviour. They need to stop and think and look inwards sometimes. Extroverts tend to be over enthusiastic and many famous extroverts have taken up meditation to help them temper their enthusiasm for life. Extroverts tend to be more adventurous and cope well with difficulties, they don’t let minor things stand in their way. Major setbacks affect extroverts more profoundly than introverts however. They don’t expect major problems. To them the glass is always half full; but to the introvert the glass can appear half empty.


Introverts tend to be more self aware, they look inwards rather than outwards. They have a tendency towards being more studious and serious. They will often be viewed as the nerd or geek in school. They will often find pleasure in reading, music and art. They are more aware of culture and science. They prefer not to be in the public eye and are often happy with their own company. Education is usually more important to the introvert. They do tend to think more than the extroverts, be more inward looking and so more nervous. Extroverts ignore life’s dangers, introverts can’t ignore the dangers and are always aware of potential  problems. However, introversion, is just a tendency. The introvert won’t always be shy and retiring and can sometimes be the centre of attention. The introvert prefers to be the centre of attention, when it’s a skill or knowledge that they are demonstrating to the world. The introvert can be a leader or a teacher, but as a teacher it is the subject that is important; not them. Introverts tend to be more consistent than extroverts too. They tend to dislike change more than extroverts. They don’t cope with a setback as well as an extrovert; but they cope better in a crisis.

While some people have a tendency towards extroversion and others towards introversion. Many people manage a healthy balance between the two. This balance is seen as desirable by both groups. Extroverts take up relaxation and meditation to temper their enthusiasm. Introverts try to be more social by joining clubs, societies or becoming part of a study group.

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