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Psychology: supply and demand

Supply and demand is a term used in economics and finance rather than psychology. The more something is in demand, the more pressure there is to raise the price. When the supply of goods is plentiful, as in a good harvest that provides downward pressure on prices.

Can we make ourselves more popular by using marketing techniques? Would that lead to us being paid more for our skills? In marketing demand is stoked up by the use of publicity and advertising. Would this work on a personal level and what could we gain from this?

Politicians will do almost anything for publicity and to get their photograph in the papers. This makes them better known and people vote for them because they recognise them. Are they more successful in their personal lives and are they more confident as a result? Do people like them better because they are well known? It would seem that being known because of publicity and advertising does make them more in demand. The leaflets through letterboxes really does work for them.

These days many thing are publicised via social media. Facebook is used to market lots of products and so are websites. Some people are accused of being too active on Facebook, of being narcissistic. Is this a bad thing? If you publicise yourself on Facebook, it could lead to you being more in demand socially and more in demand as an employee. More demand usually means a higher price; higher wages in respect of employment. For people who are self employed, publicity via social media could be even more important.

LinkedIn can also be used to publicise ourselves and tell the world that we have knowledge and skills to offer. These social media profiles only give people a glimpse into our world. An impression that we can decide on. What kind of impression should we make on the world through the medium of social media?

Being associated with certain other pages can be important. If we click like on something seedy, that can reflect badly on us. If we post rude jokes, again that can give a bad impression. Conversely supporting good causes might give a good impression. A sense of humour might give the impression that we are fun to be around and enjoy life. We can post positive things or negative things. We can amuse people, make friends or we can complain and whinge. Which do you think is more in demand?

They say a photograph can speak a thousand words and so photographs can be important too. We can create an impression using words and photographs, actions and reactions to built a profile that is in demand.

What do you think? Do you think, before you post on social media? Do you care what people think? Do you want to be more popular anyway? Please share you thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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