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Publishing on social media #photography

I photographed a Safer Six event in Wednesbury yesterday and I had to cover my camera at the beginning and shelter under a canopy to take the first few shots. I took a few shots at a narrow aperture to get the flavour of the event and when the rain subsided went wide-open for some close-up shots of the dignitaries and stalls. The shots were intended for publishing on social media but sometimes I do send photos to the local newspaper.

publishing on social media

The Mayor of Sandwell

The Mayor of Sandwell posed with local councillors and our police sergeant for photographs but I prefer candid shots because they tend to look more natural. I had an interesting chat with Sgt Giles Dean who uses a Nikon D3300, which is a great camera. We talked about the legalities of taking photos because I have been harassed a couple of times by someone who believes I need permission from everyone I photograph. In fact, I was behaving in a quite legal way and his harassment was illegal.

SAFER 6 (26)

Candid shot

This candid shot is one of the better photographs from yesterday and is quite good given the grey light. The ISO was on 160 and I shot it wide open at f/4.5 which gave me 1/200 of a second on aperture priority. I was zooming in a lot using a 28 – 300 lens although this shot was at 56mm so I didn’t really need to shoot at such a fast shutter speed.


On the Nikon D750 it’s quick and easy to change the aperture with a thumb wheel and I tend to leave the rest of the settings alone. I use spot focusing and set the metering to centre-weighted. The white balance on auto is quite good and that was what I used yesterday, The light didn’t change much but it did change when the sun finally came out so I think auto white balance was better. It looked quite dark but I didn’t need to increase the ISO and was happy with it on 160. Using aperture priority meant I could take my shots quite quickly as they presented themselves. I have been shooting a lot on full manual recently but aperture priority is easier and quicker at an event.

Publishing on social media

I run the local history page on Facebook and I published on there and I put one picture on Instagram later in the day. I was able to edit and resize after lunch and I sent copies of the photos to the mayor’s parlour and councillors. I had to make a trip to the hospital and so it was a quick and easy exercise that allowed me to get on with my day.

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