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There are lots of pundits and brokers who will tell you to invest in all sorts of things. Everything from the FTSE 100 to Bitcoin. Should you listen to them? I think Bitcoin is a bubble that will eventually burst and many investment opportunities are scams. Anyone who calls you up offering an amazing opportunity is probably in a boiler room and is either offering something that is illegal or is on the borderline.

 investments - pundits and brokers

Pundits and brokers

Brokers tend to do research and then issue a research note and often a price target. They use their own confusing language, such as describing a share price as ‘overweight’. You can find broker ratings on London South East and you can also run a fantasy portfolio by registering on that site too. A lot of investors use those ratings to decide when to buy, so they should be part of your research, but not a dominant part.

ITV was given an ‘overweight’ rating and a target of 230 by Morgan Stanley yesterday and I really hope they are right because I am making a loss on ITV. Some shares benefit from Christmas trade and ITV is usually one of them. So we could see an upward movement in December as part of an overall ‘Santa rally’.

AIM market

My two pharmaceuticals, Verona Pharma and Immupharma, have both been tipped by brokers and Immupharma has doubled in price in the past few months and saved my portfolio. Verona Pharma still has a lot of potential and these small pharmaceuticals can grow exponentially once they get into production or licence their new compounds to big pharma.


Solo Oil is rated as a ‘speculative buy’ by its broker which means there is an additional risk but it is still worth considering. Solo is a high-risk AIM company but has the expertise to invest in assets that could launch the company into the major league. The investments in Tanzania being particularly promising. Solo should still be considered to be a long-term investment. The current share price is 4.5. If the share price was 100 times as much in 10 or 20 years, that wouldn’t surprise me. The company does diversify and has a good portfolio of investments in gas and oil exploration and has diversified into helium exploration recently. There is a setback at the moment because gas production from the one well in Tanzania has been cut. That technical problem isn’t affecting finances in the short-term and hopefully, it can be fixed and stabilise the company’s finances for the medium-term. I view short-term risks to be fairly low.


Tesco has been my good news share, climbing nicely in the past week. The share price has gained 9 pence to 194 and I think there is still more upside to the share.  The brokers can’t agree on Tesco but the takeover of Booker must give it a lot of potential and some brokers are predicting a  price of 240. If I decide to cut my exposure to the stock market in the short-term, then Tesco is the one that I’ll sell. I’m hoping it will appreciate a little more before I have to make that decision.

The long-term

I can’t see anything else in my portfolio giving me a profit in the short-term so most of my holdings will be held long-term. The pundits and brokers make their views known on Premier Foods with some thinking it could suddenly soar as it did a couple of years ago which would really suit me. They are cutting their debt and getting the company back on track. The directors of the company are invested as well which is a good thing. They are getting their advertising right now for popular products like Bisto and partnerships are working out well too. I feel quite positive about Premier Foods and think they could come good in 2018.

That’s all for this week and as always with investments do your own research. The internet is great for research and Google alerts is a great tool to use as well. If you like my ideas on photography, investing and so on, you can subscribe easily by entering your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find links on my Facebook page.

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