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Question Time? #finance

question time

I watched Question Time on the BBC last night and the politicians answering the questions trotted out the same party live cliques as usual. Not an original thought or idea between them.


Investment and the need for more investment was mentioned several times. The Tory seemed to think people would invest in Britain more is they cut corporation tax. The Labour representative claimed we would get more investment if we remained part of the EU. The budget is giving big companies a cut in corporation tax and the middle and upper classes a cut in income tax. Why can’t that money be invested in the British economy? No one asked why the British are reluctant to invest in Britain. Isn’t it time we asked the question?

Disability benefits

It seems not only personal independence payments for the most vulnerable are to be cut and ESA will be cut for other sick and disabled people. A society that looks after the weak and disabled is a civilised society. We are supposed to have progressed from being reliant on our primitive instincts to compete for survival in a civilised society where we are a social order that supports one another.

Competition and survival of the fittest

The Conservative party lives by the mantra ‘competition’ and want a rat eats rat society where only the rich and powerful have an easy and rewarding life. They expect others to live in ‘private’ housing owned by slum-lord who happen to be Tory members of parliament too. They want privately owned academies funded by vested interests in key locations while other ‘academies’ in deprived areas will be allowed to rot and blamed for their own misfortune. Do we really want a Darwinian survival of the fittest (or richest) society?


The survival of the fittest paradigm being thrust on British society is Dickensian, it is a step backwards. This is the 21st century, not the 19th century. If we are ‘all in it together’ why not raise a tax that everyone has to pay to balance the countries budget? Why not raise VAT to 30%? That would surely cut imports from China and we could also encourage the wonderful middle and upper classes to invest in the country they live in rather than smart-phones and wide screen televisions made in China. Yes, it’s not the unemployed that own most of the smart tech, it is the middle classes who were lucky enough to get a decent education and land a nice job behind a desk where they have little chance of ever getting their hands dirty.

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Question Time

What questions would you ask on Question Time?

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