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Raise the ISO in low-light #photography

We have had a lot of rain recently and dark skies and so any landscape photography has been difficult. I don’t often take dark moody pictures and prefer to wait for a sunny day. I took a few photos of a flooded road at the weekend and I did raise the ISO to take account of the dark sky. I raised the ISO to 1600 for this shot and decided to shoot on aperture priority. The camera set the shutter speed at 1/80 of a second for an f-stop of f/7.1.

raise the ISO


There is some action in this picture and I wanted to show the spray and the wave caused by vehicles going through the water. I think the shutter speed was just about fast enough for that. I did stop in a slightly awkward place close to a junction so I needed to get the shots quickly. I would have preferred shooting on manual with a faster shutter speed but I wanted to shoot quickly so selected aperture priority. The shot is good enough with good exposure.


I decided to order the Yongnou 50mm prime lens this week and I’ll do a review of that in due course. It might be quite useful for portraits and even for landscape photography sometimes. Prime lenses tend to give much better images and this lens at f/1.8 is goes much wider than most of my other lenses. I do have a Nikon 35mm prime lenses which is a DX lens and it will be interesting to compare the two lenses.

Raise the ISO

I did raise the ISO for the picture above but also took a few shots of the cars and vans with a wide aperture. Those pictures were good but I wanted the whole shot in focus so went to f/7.1. I can’t see any noise in the image that I finally settled on using so the higher ISO had little detrimental effect. A higher ISO can introduce noise but I find I get noise under fluorescent light not in a situation like this.

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