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Rebelling again the Bourgeois #art

I’ve always been fascinated by Bohemianism and the concept that made people rebel against convention. The original bohemians weren’t poor but wanted the pleasures and the freedoms enjoyed by the poor.

I think most artists and writers have a bohemian streak in them that makes them unconventional. The gypsy lifestyle appeals to them because it symbolises freedom. Creativity in itself tends to free the mind. We create images that others can’t even imagine. Writers describe images that others can’t even imagine. These can be beautiful images or disturbing images, but they are separate from the reality of everyday life.

I just try to capture images and they all have a common thread, they are all about freedom. It seems endemic in people to compete not just for material possessions but for status. Both are linked and so the more material wealth you can display, the higher the status. The bohemian rebels claim status without the material wealth, their wealth is cultural and their most valued attribute is freedom.

While others try to fit in, the bohemian rebels try to stand out and be different. They are creative and they are creating things that are different. They are driven by the desire for adventure and intellectual stimulation and find the status quo tedious and boring. These are the people who buy narrowboats and live on the water. These are the people who have  a passion for steam trains. These are the people who have passion; full stop. They might not be rich but they enjoy art and they genuinely enjoy music.

These are the people you will find at festivals, wandering around bookshops and at art galleries. These are the people who don’t try to impress and don’t try to aspire to a bourgeois lifestyle, but claim a superior lifestyle based on different values.

I can’t claim to be truly bohemian, I just appreciate the concept. My art is capturing images and playing with them until I have something I like. I see the rebel in others and I am drawn to it in a strange way. In the Black Country, I am far away from the trendy London society and the fashionable bohemians around Brick Lane. I do see the same rebellious pursuit of  art here, but it presents itself in different ways. It draws on past times and our rich history and uses that as a basis for a cultural enrichment. It is a movement that is diverse and fractured with creativity at its heart. Whether it’s performing arts, spoken words, music, magic or pictures it has a common desire behind all of it; to rebel and create something that is different.

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