Recogise the shot #photography

Looking back at the photographs you have taken in the past can give you some idea of what you did right and what you did wrong. The pandemic has restricted my photography a lot but I did an interesting project last year, seeing what I could find to photograph around my home and garden. I was determined to to try train my mind to spot the unusual shot or at least a shot that I wouldn’t usually take. I wanted to become more mindful of my surroundings and create a chronicle of my time isolated from people.

recognise the shot

A feathered trio

Pigeons are so common I wouldn’t usually notice them. When I saw these three almost evenly spaced on the roof I thought it was a good shot. Looking at it now, I still think it’s a good shot. My camera was set at ISO 400 and I didn’t change the settings because the pigeons might have flew off! I took the shot at f/5.6 and got a really fast shutter speed. If I had done the settings, I would have shot it at ISO 100 and a narrower aperture but the image isn’t noisy and it quite sharp so just taking the shot worked out.


Apple blossom

I’m happy with this shot. It was shot at f/5.6 at ISO 100 and that gave me a shutter speed of 1/800 of a second. I could have shot it narrower but there was no real need to. A narrower aperture would have brought the flowers farther away from the camera into focus which might have been better.



I don’t usually drink lager but I had to take what I could get for a while. I have discovered that Budweiser is a much better lager since taking this picture. This shot isn’t bad and the writing on the beer cans and on the crisps seems in sharp focus.

Beanz on toast

beanz on toast

I also shot lots of food pictures last year. Food pictures create quite a lot of interest on social media and can be interesting shots to take. I treat them the same as shooting a portrait and shoot with a wide aperture. Shooting indoors you have to try to get enough light or use a flash. I used the light available, mostly from a window, for this shot. I increased the ISO to 250 and the picture looks good to me.

recognise the shot


I was also watching out for things I could see from the windows and took this shot when I saw a few ambulances outside. I used ISO 250 and shot it at f/8, 1/200 of a second. I like the patterns in the shot and it is a nice sharp image with a lot going on.

Recognise the shot

You have to recogise the shot and that is what photography is all about. If you have a job to do you just take the shots to complete the job but if you’re an artist then you need to recogise a good shot, compose the shot and even imagine what the image you’re creating will look like before you take it. The ability to recognise the shot is most important.

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