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Recording history #photography #history

There are many different categories of photography and I enjoy most of them. I try to photograph historic buildings and I am very aware of how quickly these buildings can disappear. I photograph streets of terraced houses as well as the larger listed buildings. Recording history for future generations is worthwhile and it can be done in a few different ways.

recording history

Recording history

I photographed some alms-houses on Sunday and this Victorian house was opposite. I didn’t really get what I wanted and this was my third attempt. I really need to take the photos at just the right time to get the light that I want. You can see that one side of this house is darker than the other and the shadows help to give it form but a little more sunshine would have been better. The alms-houses had too many cars parked around them and I also think those shots would be better taken in summer when there are leaves on the trees. My outing on Sunday was a good one for future reference. I often check a location out first with the intention of going back when I have better light. My outing as far as recording history was concerned was reasonably successful.


The sky seemed quite grey for these shots and it was a diffused light but on aperture priority, I got quite fast shutter speeds. This shot was at f/8 and I got 1/400 of a second. I used centre-weighted metering. For a shot that was meant to be recording history, I’m reasonably happy with it. I think I’ll still go back and photograph the alms-houses and this house in a better light. There was some pollution in the air on Sunday, everything looked a little murky. The quality of the air, as well as the quality of the light, makes a difference. This shot would be better taken in the late afternoon.

Nikon D750

I’m still getting used to my Nikon D750 and the 28 – 300 lens. I think the lens is a good all-round lens but I do need to change the lens for better shots sometimes. My 35mm DX prime lens will probably give me some quality shots as spring arrives. I need to get used to some of the special features of the D750 such as bracketing, too. I have tried the colour picking, a special effect, that will be useful in certain situations.

LIB (26)

Special effect

This is an interesting special effect giving me a monochrome picture with red as the colour picked.  It might have been better without the rug. This effect will be useful for highlighting just a little colour in a monochrome picture. Too much colour wouldn’t work so well.

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