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Redefining your aspirations #life

I bought a lottery ticket yesterday not because I aspire to be upper class or even middle class for that matter. I thought that if I won that rollover jackpot I could make a difference, not just to my life but to the lives of others. Many people aspire to better themselves but they define better as richer and more in control of their lives. By redefining your aspirations in life you can aspire to being a better person regardless of money and possessions.

redefining your aspirations


We would all like more control over our lives but I’m not sure that money would achieve that. Do the police and courts respond better to rich people? Does the local council listen to you more if you have a few million in the bank?

Image and status

I think image and status can have an effect. We all dress to impress at times especially where money is involved. The wealthy can afford to dress well all the time and so that might give the impression that they are better people but do they have the same moral compass as us lesser beings? Our image can also be about how we behave and bad behaviour is always bad for the overall image. Donald Trump will never have a ‘good’ image.

Redefining your aspirations

So redefining your aspirations to become a better person is about changing your behaviour but it might also be about changing your habits and your beliefs. We all want respect and people respect people who have values and who are brave enough to stand up for those values. Being willing to work hard or make a sacrifice for others are also attributes that are seen as positive. The respect of others elevates us to a higher position regardless of our social standing. We should aspire to be a better person not just to have a better image.


My photograph today is one I recently had in an exhibition. Having a skill like photography is better than being unskilled but  a skill doesn’t compensate for not having social skills. Social skills such as caring for others and caring about the community you live in are more important. We do sometimes have to stop and think which skills and what part of our behaviour are really important as we aspire to be better.

It is important in the end to be content with ourselves because we often judge ourselves quite critically. If we can look in the mirror and feel content with ourselves then that is usually enough. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts.  There are links on my Facebook page too.

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