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Referendum: real issues

The two camps as designated by the Electoral Commission have debated the issues of EU membership and tomorrow the people decide. The two camps being Stupid and Even More Stupid, of course. How should we vote in the EU referendum? What are the real issues?



Housing has hardly been mentioned but it is the most important issue. The EU has provided grants to improve housing throughout the EU but has remained silent on the subject of the housing shortage which is a crisis in Britain because we are an island. Economic migrants coming here from Eastern Europe are making the crisis worse. Free movement in the EU is making it worse, we need to address this issue. The referendum is about this issue and has been hardly mentioned.


The benefits system has provided British broadcasters with cheap television for years now as they show up the scrounging scum on benefits. The truth is, most benefits spending goes on housing benefit because we have a housing crisis and on tax credits because families can’t afford to live on minimum wage. The value of housing keeps going up and the ‘economic’ rents go up with rising value. George Osborne says the housing market could crash if we leave the EU. No stupid, it wouldn’t, we would still have a housing crisis.


Now if a doctor falls behind with his work, he can get a locum in to catch up but if the number of patients keeps rising and rising he will never have enough time and so waiting times for appointments will get longer. We not only see waiting times at GP surgeries getting longer but even emergency care at hospitals now involves four-hour waits as a norm. Economic migrants are adding to the strain.


Education is poor throughout the EU. Why is Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook all American? Name one European social media company! I can name several Chinese ones! We need to make education a priority.


The leave campaign will tell you how much the EU costs us. They ignore the fact we printed 375 billion to bail out the banks not so long ago. Both sides of the campaign ignore the fact that the European central bank is printing 60 billion a month from now to next March. Where will all this money go? Will it go to build desperately needed houses?


Now I do research all the time for my blog and academic research for students and so on. It should be easy to find out who my MEP is. Right? It should be easy to find out which European constituency I’m in. Right? I should know who my MEP is. Right?  No, I didn’t know who it was and spent some time trying to find out. I think it’s Sion Simon who is signing people up to become part of #TeamSiôn. No wonder people in the Black Country are voting for Brexit. Someone should tell him he’s not on The Voice, he’s an MEP, not a budding pop singer. An unknown MEP at that. I wonder if he is part of the IN campaign or the OUT campaign? His view on the referendum should have been made known.

Referendum conclusion

Yes, the EU is a mess. I am not surprised that the people of the Black Country are voting for Brexit. The EU has improved housing, it has improved workers rights and it has created a single market and these things are important. Take drugs, for example, we need new drugs for diseases like cystic fibrosis. There is a new drug and it is being fast tracked by the EU and the United States and tested. Countries outside the EU and United States will have to either accept EU standards or test the drug themselves. They tend to accept EU standards on just about everything. The EU is very good at saving it’s member nations unnecessary costs by doing safety testing on everything from drugs to cars collectively. A number of new drugs will never come to market without the EU.  So the EU should change, but to change it requires some leadership. Britain will soon have the presidency of the EU and I expect that will be a waste of time too. The European MEP’s need to elect their own president and make the parliament work. Nearly half the British people want to leave the EU, it is hardly a success. Make it a success or eventually, it will break up anyway.

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