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Reflecting on the past #ramble

Yes, I’m writing a post on Christmas morning and reflecting on the past and the year that is about to come to an end. It didn’t go according to plan but it never does. I was involved in an arts festival and had some photos in the exhibition. I also ran the photography competition. I learned a lot by just observing what was going on. I also learn a little about myself. I’m quite good at engaging with people online but when I meet them I’m not quite so good at engaging with them. I need to relax and talk to people more. I might persuade them to have their photo taken then!

reflecting on the past

A wet year

It was a wet year that caused some flooding and the dark days didn’t really lend themselves to photography. I did do a few photo shoots and I have realised that if I am just wandering around taking photos I take quite good photos but if I feel stressed then the photos aren’t so considered and I don’t see the good shots. It was a stressful year and I do need to deal with the stress and say goodbye to people who cause me stress. I need to relax.

Reflecting on the past

We need to reflect on the past so we can consider and plan for the future. I’ve treated myself to a few lottery tickets for tonight and if I win that £15 million all my plans will change. We can’t really make plans. We can only determine the general direction we want to go on our journey through life. Where we actually end up depends on luck and what deviations we make to the route along the way.


I had to think a little before splashing out on a new camera but I’m glad I did. I can shoot in manual now without much messing around and get pin sharp pictures. I also have some different ideas about what I want to photograph. I want to photograph people more and shoot more video. I also want to be aware of the changes. Signs are often temporary and occasionally you see something unusual. I want to photograph the changing environment.


I’m going to be learning to cope with more disability in 2020 but it could be much worse. I can still enjoy my photography, I just have to be careful about how far I walk. I also need more help and advice from health professionals  and that will be easier if I know what I need. I’ve been doing some research into my conditions and my doctor won’t like that but that might make my consultations at the hospital easier.

So reflecting on the past is helpful but I don’t think 2020 will be very much different. I need to relax and communicate with people better.

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