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Reflections on the water #photography

At the weekend it was the Tipton Canal and Community Festival. Saturday was cold and wet and I wasn’t feeling too good so I waited until Sunday and went to photograph the narrowboats and visitors. I met up with Chris and Jan from the Caravan Gallery. They were taking photos for their Sandwell Pride of Place Project which will be an integral part of the Blast photo Festival in 2019. You tend to get a lot of reflections on the water when you photograph canals and that can make the water look like a white sheet. This year I decided to use a polarizing filter. It is a bit like taking photos through Polaroid sunglasses so it makes the image darker but cuts down on glare and the reflections on the water.

reflections on the water


The colours seem a little muted in this image but the filter did work well and reduced the reflection of the sky on the water. I zoomed in for closer shots for most of the other images and made the most of the colours. The light was poor so I was shooting with ISO 400 and mostly wide apertures.


Aperture Priority

The sun came out a little but I left the ISO on 400 and shot wide open and got shutter speeds in excess of 1/400 of a second giving me quite sharp images when I zoomed in.


Caravan Gallery

This is Chris and Jan returning from a trip down the canal. I converted this to grey-scale because I wasn’t entirely happy with the colour. They had been shooting pictures for their Caravan Gallery and the Blast photo festival.


Reflections on the water

You can see reflections on the water in this shot but the filter has worked well, reducing glare from the water and I think it has removed glare from other surfaces too. The windows on the narrowboat, for example, seem to have less glare. I think I will try that filter in other situations and see what the effect is. It could be useful when there is a lot of glass as well.

That’s all for today, I hope you have learnt something from my experiences with the CPL filter (polarizing filter).

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