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Remember, remember the fifth of November. #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as usual I’ll share my thoughts with you. OK, I’ll admit it, my mind is starting to go. I spent the whole day yesterday thinking it was Sunday. I even wrote a blog post which I don’t usually do on a Saturday. I’m now progressing from losing my memory to not knowing what day of the week it is! Every day is very similar, though. Anyway, remember, remember the fifth of November was a reminder of Guy Fawkes’s attempt at blowing up parliament. Now we have a lockdown starting on the fifth of November. Will the fifth of November ever be the same again? We should firmly blame Boris and his chums for a distinct lack of leadership, I think their thinking is fuzzier than mine. We can also blame the idiots who “don’t believe in Covid” and those spreading conspiracy theories.

remember the fifth of November

Mystery solved

A mystery that has bothered me is finally solved! There was a long queue of traffic at the lights in Darlaston yesterday. I thought there must be an incident ahead and I took a detour. I’ve just realised it was the Saturday queue for Asda! The only day they don’t queue at those lights is Sunday! I have a delivery of groceries from Asda booked for the 9th  of November. I have a stock of food in case deliveries get disrupted but I think essential parts of the economy will stay open. I have reservations about schools being open. The outbreaks in my area have been in the high schools and I suspect the teenagers catching covid haven’t been educated in preventing the spread. They are more likely to be traveling to school too, infants and juniors tend to go to their nearest school. Maybe they should try teaching the older children about covid and stop them from traveling to towns other than the one they live in.

Remember, remember the fifth of November

Bonfire night is more of a celebration than anything else. Do we celebrate Guy Fawkes’s failure? That makes little sense. I think most people celebrate the fact at least he had a go! Now we will remember the great second lockdown of 2020. I think there will be a third lockdown at Christmas and maybe even a fourth in the spring. When will it all end? When the stupid people finally wise up? Anyway, remember the fifth of November it’s when lockdown starts again!

On hold

A lot of things have to be put on hold. I had some art projects in mind and I even thought about doing a photography workshop this year. I’ll need to keep busy throughout this new lockdown. I took photographs around my home and garden last time. I have my Playstation to keep me amused but I think I’ll find things to photograph too. Maybe I’ll start photographing my meals again! Telling my personal story of lockdown 2 might be a worthwhile thing to do.

Dark days

The dark days of Autumn are here and it will be even darker through the winter but even the winter has the odd sunny days. We have to enjoy the sunny days and hibernate on the darker days. I’ll wrap up warm and try to get more exercise on those sunny winter days. We have to prepare for whatever the winter throws at us, snow, rain and blizzards are part of a British winter that might stop us doing things for a week or two but the bad weather doesn’t last long. I’ll stock up on even more food and make sure my freezer is full before the winter begins.

At least I know what day it is now…

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