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Remember, remember, the fifth of November


It’s nearly the fifth of November and will be Guy Fawkes night here in Britain, we remember the gunpowder plot when Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators tried to blow up James the First in the House of Lords. It was an act of terrorism, but when you show off your wealth and power, perhaps you can expect people to get angry.

My picture today was taken in October. I haven’t taken any photographs since. The sun is shining today and so maybe I’ll be lucky this weekend. My car wouldn’t start last week. It was only a fuse, so it’s OK now.

The Victorian legacy of wealth was yesterday’s blog. The Victorians built lots of things and many survive today. We have a rich history in Britain. Castles, Tudor buildings, Victorian buildings, railways and canals. That is our legacy. Not bloody pink art galleries on the High Street.

Why am I so contrarian? was Thursday’s blog. I know I prefer Victorian art galleries to the modern monstrosities. I like castles. I like Victorian railway stations. I like the canals. I don’t like white cars, false eyelashes, tattoos, fake tans, acronyms or George Osborne. Call me old-fashioned…  I like old TV programmes too, like Allo Allo, Only Fools and Horses, Last of the summer wine and Dad’s Army. I don’t like the modern crap like ‘Sex in the City’.

Halloween help needed was Wednesday’s post. Needless to say, no one helped but the page views for October were marginally better than September.

Neodigital Art | Artistic editing was Tuesday’s popular post. That did feature one of my favourite pictures.

I did write a blog on Sunday, but forgot to click publish and on Monday, I was busy getting my car fixed. I’ll try harder this week. I have written over 750 blogs in the past 2 years. I’m starting to run out of subjects. Did you know that the atoms of light elements  like hydrogen can be fused together and the atoms of heavy materials like uranium can be split apart? Nah, I didn’t think you would want blogs on nuclear physics…

There more amazing blogs on more mundane subjects like money on the home page.

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