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Remembering the past #ramble

It’s Sunday morning once again and I’m preparing to go out in the cold and damp to photograph the remembrance parade in Wednesbury. I’m not quite sure why I’m doing it. I used to do it for the local newspaper but they seem less interested these days. I suppose with an election coming up, remembering the past is of little importance.

remembering the past

Remembering the past

Actually, remembering the past is important and so is being aware of what is really happening in the present. The declared candidates for the general election seem like right dodgy characters. Is the lurch to the left in national politics a reaction to the lurch to the right? I was hopeful of a liberal revival but those of a liberal mindset seems to be giving in. I don’t really like the leader of the Liberal Democrats, given her voting record and the fact that she was once a minster in that coalition government. I’m afraid Jo Swinson comes across as having a moral compass that is influenced by the slightest force that might give her more power. Not quite as dodgy as a Brexit candidate but nowhere near focused on policy that might lead to a just society.


When people remember the past they will call to mind the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition which heralded in austerity. The Lib Dems aren’t shaking off that image by saying they could form a government. Jo Swinson says she could be the next Prime Minister, does she not mean the next Deputy Prime Minister in another coalition. Will she swallow any remaining principles and suck up to Comrade Corbyn at the slightest whiff of power?

A bleak future

Yes, to me at least the future of national politics looks bleak. The annual Christmas Lights switch-on should cheer me up but it’s likely to be an ordeal trying to get through traffic and then I’ll freeze for an hour or so. Is it worth it? Is any effort to be part of the community worth it these days? To add to the misery there are road works between here and where the switch-on will be.

Art and photography

I intended to concentrate on my art and photography but the continuing wet weather makes taking photos difficult. I am planning things for next spring, however. I might do a free art event and give my art cards away to a select few people. This week, I have to concentrate on the History of Wednesbury competition which I will have to judge next weekend.

That’s all for this week. If you see me photographing the remembrance parade, do say hello. If you would like to subscribe to my blog and receive emails every time I post just enter your email address below or at the top of the sidebar. You can also follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts or find them on my Facebook page.

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