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Remembrance 2016 #ramble

Regular readers will know that I share my thoughts with you on a Sunday morning  and just ramble on. You also know I take photos. I’ve photographed two remembrance services so far.  One Last Saturday evening at the cenotaph to rededicate it and yesterday I was at the cemetery for a service when we not only remembered the fallen servicemen of war but also local people who lost their lives in at home to attacks by Zeppelins.

CEMETeRY © 12 NOV - remembrance

An evil enemy

This gentleman symbolises the pride ex-servicemen take in remembering when they defended their country against an evil enemy. Ideas and beliefs drove that evil. We should never accept that one race is better than another. We should never accept destruction as normal. We had to destroy that evil, but destruction is always wrong. The idea of a master race, of a class of people who are superior or chosen, led to millions losing their lives. Barriers around the world have come down in recent years. I talked to someone in Northern China today and someone in California. We are all part of the human race, we all feel pain, we all share common desires. Sometimes, someone grows up feeling rejected and insecure and they seek power. They not only seek the power over their own destiny but over everyone’s destiny. They become obsessed with an irrational belief and that drives them to promote war. We should not accept them as our leaders.

If a flag symbolises kindness and compassion, then wave it with pride. If it symbolises hatred and superiority then treat it with suspicion and derision.

I’ll be at the remembrance service at the cenotaph again today, recording the event in pictures for posterity. So I’m writing today’s post  early. As you read this I’ll be out in the cold photographing the parade.

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