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Remembrance Sunday #ramble

Yes, it is Sunday morning once again and so I’ll share my thoughts with you. Actually, it’s not Sunday, it’s Saturday evening and I plan to go to the Remembrance Parade to photograph it in the morning. It is 100 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the first world war. It was a war that affected every family. My one grandfather was over in France and survived an attack with mustard gas. I’m not sure how but he managed to help his mates when the attack came. He carried one out of the gas. My other grandfather lost his oldest son to the war and having lost his bakery business to the 1913 tube strike; he died not long after.



I did photograph the memorial gardens last week, but I have missed the services that have taken place so far. I’m trying to look after my health better not that it is doing much good. I’ll use a long lens again tomorrow and try to get some decent pictures of the parade. I haven’t promised anyone pictures so I can point my camera at what and who I like.


For some strange reason, the National Lottery would only let me buy two tickets, one for this week and one for next week. I usually buy tickets online for 8 weeks. I don’t suppose it will make any difference, it’ll still be money down the drain. We live in hope though, don’t we? I suppose those poor lads in the trenches 100 years ago hoped and prayed and some had their prayers answered. Many more hoped in vain.


It’ll be cold tomorrow. Do I wear thermal underwear or not? That is the question. I’ll have to wear trousers if I want to wear the thermals because my jeans would be too tight. Decisions, decisions. Life is always decisions…

Make a video?

I stopped writing this, made some tea and then forgot all about it. Then I made a video with some of my photos. I also had a conversation with my friend in California about her recent maths exam. My mind wanders sometimes… I chose Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer rag for the video music.  I am quite pleased with the result but it turned out widescreen which I didn’t intend. That’s life though, isn’t it? Things don’t always go to plan.

The remembrance parade will be led by the Boy’s Brigade so I’ll get some pictures of them and hopefully some of the war veterans in uniform too. The long lens will allow me to photograph individual people and I need some practise doing that. I got a great shot of a Sikh gentleman at the Safer Six event and that is the type of shot I would like to specialise in. My shots of people at the Manor house re-enactment event were good too. It can be quite difficult because people naturally form into groups and I really want them individually.

That’s all for today. I have scheduled a video to play on the History of Wednesbury Facebook page to play the last post at precisely 11:04 tomorrow. That’s my contribution to Remembrance Sunday.

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