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Responsibilities to shareholders #investments

I have noticed recently that many company directors don’t seem to care about shareholders until they need capital. Shareholders need to be kept informed and this is doubly true for small companies on the AIM. They should have a director whose sole responsibility is to engage with investors.

Verona Pharma

This week Verona Pharma dropped suddenly and for no logical reason. The company did nothing and investors seeing a ‘paper’ loss became concerned. Rumours on the discussion boards blame shorting. That is a practice that the regulators need to look at, but regulation seems weak in the UK.

Cable and Wireless

I should know if the takeover of Cable and Wireless is going ahead this month, all the signs are that it will. After the takeover of RSA insurance fell through, I’m not assuming anything.

Solo Oil

Solo Oil still looks promising and they do consider investors and try to keep us updated. There was some news that the Gas Sales Agreement (GSA) would soon be signed. That was supposed to have been signed by the end of October, both Solo and Aminex seem to think there will gas sales by the end of the year. We need some good news to keep investors happy and optimistic.

RSA Insurance

RSA Insurance has made some progress this week with it share price lifting from 419 to 432, so there is some optimism there.

Premier Foods

Premier Foods lifted a couple of pence to 36.5, probably as a result of buy recommendations from US brokers. The forecast is for about 56p, so that is encouraging.


Monitise continues to make gains after its share price was trashed earlier in the year.  If it keeps going up at the same pace for the rest of the year that will benefit me.

I can understand market makers increasing spreads when there is a lot of trade or risk seems high, but they seem to be profiteering on the AIM. I suppose we can’t expect much else, regulation in the financial sector is weak because of political dogma.

There is a little sign yet of the ‘Santa Rally’, maybe next week will be better? I think retail will do well over the next month or two. I’m hoping Tesco will recover and Debenhams looks promising. ITV might gain from increased advertising revenues too.

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