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Rethinking the way we live #art

I took a few photographs in the library yesterday afternoon where there was an afternoon tea event with Billy Spakemon of Black Country radio fame. Obviously, it was older people who bought tickets and they enjoyed tea and cake and some live music and all for a pound. I’m sure they enjoyed conversation too. It is an afternoon out and something to dress up for. Such events help to combat loneliness and is good for people’s mental health. Do we need to start rethinking the way we live so we can enjoy simple pleasures like afternoon tea more?

rethinking the way we live

Art gallery

I remember walking around an art exhibition a long time ago and there was music playing softly in the background. I think it was Bach and I not only enjoyed the exhibition but the music too. It was soft enough that I could also chat to others who were browsing the exhibition as well. Exhibitions can be an opportunity to meet people as well but they must encourage participation in some way.


We have many public spaces that could be used more effectively to bring people together. They talk about social prescribing these days but if my doctor prescribed exercise every Tuesday I would not be impressed but I might go to an event that was taking place every Tuesday and have tea or take photographs and get some exercise while I was there. We need to use our libraries, town halls, town squares and parks more.


Travel is a major cause of climate change so perhaps we can encourage people to travel less by offering more things for them to do locally. I’m going to a cricket match soon to take photos and what a pleasant way to spend an hour or two, watching cricket and enjoying a beer. Ok, these pastimes aren’t overly exciting but when you’re older you don’t need too much excitement.

Rethinking the way we live

If we start rethinking the way we live we can once again start to enjoy the simple things in the company of others. We can enjoy the more relaxing sport of cricket, enjoy a little Bach and enjoy the art of conversation.

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