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Retirement in Wednesbury #lifestyle

This is where I live, it is Wednesbury, in the heart of the Black Country. It isn’t the prettiest place on earth but it is where I’ve lived most of my life. Now I’m enjoying retirement in Wednesbury.

retirement in Wednesbury


My health has never been very good, but I’m trying to look after it as best I can. That means a lot less alcohol than I used to consume. I grew up in an age where cigarettes and alcohol helped people to cope with life. Nicotine to stimulate the brain together with a liberal intake of caffeine and then alcohol in the evenings to calm it all down again. It wasn’t a healthy lifestyle but it was normal for us, despite being addictive. I gave up the nicotine in 2004, I need the caffeine to help me write this.


My memory isn’t very good, but it has never been very good, so I don’t think it is the early onset of dementia. I do need to keep my brain active and exercised though and so I write and I’ve taken up photography. My photographs were used for a couple of stories by my local newspaper this week. That’s not bad considering I taught myself photography. I’m still learning of course and trying to remember all the rules of grammar so my writing isn’t too much of an embarrassment. I’m not too bad, I see appalling spelling and grammar every day and suspect that 90% of the population won’t detect a missing comma of two in this post. At least I know the difference between lose and loose! All this mental activity should help prevent dementia as memories of how to do things are constantly etched into my short-term memory over and over. I’ll still probably get lost, but will have to use my sat nav more if I decide to venture out into unknown territory.


Technology is a bit of a challenge for older people, but I’ll quite at home with it. I have fitted a solid state disk drive to my laptop and an extra 4 gigabyte of memory without any problems. I can also set the aperture on my camera and take quite good photos. I’m not so good at accessing the internet with a cell phone, but I am considering investing in a better one and then actually reading the manual.

The future

The future of my retirement in Wednesbury is uncertain. The future is always uncertain and we need to have a rough idea of what our goals are and then do our best. We know one thing is certain and that is our existence is finite. I’ve lived my life and I can’t be certain how much of it is left. I might not see the end of the day or I could live until I’m 100. I won’t make plans too far in advance, but I intend to enjoy the time as best I can and contribute to the community I live in.


I think I have a good chance of making it to the end of today and so I have plans for this weekend. I’ll take photos at the town hall today and I’ll be out again tomorrow when a jazz band will play in the park. I’m thinking about the photography and the people. There is a social side to what I’m doing, I’m getting to know new people. I’m also quite obsessive about improving my photography. I’m not good at talking to people and so I’ll try harder today to talk to the people I am photographing and try to actually get some information for the newspaper. The prizes for  the local Wednesbury in Bloom will be given and so I need the name of the winner as well as a photo. I think my photos could be competing with those taken by the press photographers, today. I was told that this weekend’s events weren’t in the diary of my local newspaper so maybe it is a photographer from another newspaper. I won’t be put off by a little competition!

If you have retired recently I can recommend trying to do something for the community and trying to keep yourself busy and your brain and body exercised. If you would like to follow this blog and read more of my ideas just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can find more ideas and photos on my Facebook page.

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