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Revenge on innocent people?

Innocent people of Wednesbury killed

A Sunday ramble by Mike Maynard 

On a Sunday morning, I write my Sunday ramble when I simple write about the things I have on my mind. Today, I’m thinking about the terrorist attack in Tunisia. I’m far away here in the heart of England, but with local people who were on the first day of their holiday, murdered for no reason, it brings it home to me that none of us are really safe.

The weapon used was a Kalashnikov assault rifle, which was designed in Russia by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Just because it was designed in Russia doesn’t mean it was made there, but I doubt it was made in Tunisia either. If we had more controls on the movement of weapons and western nations came to agreements not to sell them to less sophisticated nations, maybe there will be fewer atrocities in the future.


Was the gunman crazy? He murdered innocent people and was found to have a bomb on him. Was he a psychopath or a socio-path? Look back through history and you will see innocent people who pose no threat, murdered time and time again. Hitler order the killing of millions, including small children. He ordered the bombing of London, knowing innocent people would suffer and die. He was radicalised by a number of people with nationalist and religious views. We have to be careful what we say, when we are angry and want revenge. Even Churchill known for suffering with depression, wanted revenge and ordered the bombing of innocents in Berlin rather than military targets. He and ‘Bomber’ Harris also favoured bombing Dresden in revenge for the bombing of Coventry.  Nearly 4,000 tons of explosives were used to kill 25,000 people. That’s a lot of anger against innocent people.

We can even look at the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and ask why innocent people had to pay the price of political madness. Mass killing comes out of hate, a primitive emotion that many can’t control.  In our more enlightened moments we talk of ‘anger management’. Can we control the most primitive of our emotions? It has been through the control of our primitive feelings and urges that the human race has developed and become sophisticated rather than primitive.

Where does religion lie in our sophisticated world of smart phones, wide screen televisions and computers? The crusades of the medieval period were a fight between Christians and Muslim. Hitler tried to wipe out the Jews in a final solution and now Islam turns to barbarity to strike fear into a whole continent and to express their hatred for the civilised western nations.

What should we do? We have the technology to wipe out these nations and their primitive ideologies. With the touch of a button they can all be gone. Should we react with hate and revenge or maybe stop the supply of Kalashnikovs from wherever they are made? After all we live in a land of churches, mosques and temples so who are we to judge their primitivism?

My ramble today is very serious; so on a lighter note… It rained this morning. Yes, if we can’t talk about anything else, talk about the weather. The rain was forecast to come this afternoon, but the forecast is for low cloud this afternoon, so my photography outing might be on after all. I’m thinking I might wander into wonderful Walsall today. I won’t go near the town centre, that’s a horrible maze of little streets and pedestrianized streets full of pawn broker, charity shops and pound shops. There is the Rushall canal with a lock keeper’s cottage to photograph, then a nearby nature reserve and even a Victorian church. I do photograph churches, but rarely go in them. I avoid going in mosques and temples too.  Maybe I’ve been radicalised by all the technology? Life would be so much more logical if we worshipped super computers. Some people are already worshipping the cloud…

That’s it for this week. I hope today’s effort made you think a bit. You can follow this blog using the widget in the side bar or follow me on Twitter.

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