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Review and take stock #life #money

I frequently stop, review what I’m doing and take stock. We need to do this, every business needs to review its strategy and do a stock take on a regular basis. Individuals need to take stock of their lives too. There are many aspects to all our lives and money does determine how much freedom we have to live life as we would like. Our health or lack of it and disabilities can restrict our life chances too.

Review in editing


I’ve had mobility problems just lately so I took a little walk and assessed how far I could walk without it getting painful. It was a simple but effective exercise.


I’m also doing a review of my finances. I had to spend a lot on my car this week and then the next day my washing machine needed replacing. If we do regular assessments of how our lives are developing we can plan for the future much more easily. I do forecasts of what my likely income and expenditure will be for the rest of the year and can reduce my spending if I need to.

Review relationships

It is much more difficult to review relationships which are much more fluid. A friend told me something last year that stuck in my mind because I doubted if it was true. Because it wasn’t true didn’t mean my friend was a liar, my friend could have been lied to and was simply passing on the untruth. It does make one stop and consider how the untruth came about and it casts a doubt in one’s mind concerning the honesty of our friends.


I have to ask myself whether I want to change my life and the answer as always is yes. I want a better life, not a great deal of change but change that can evolve. Little improvements here and there can add up to a more comfortable or a more interesting life.  We don’t need to abandon friendships because of one little lie but we can consider whether it is worth investing our time and emotions in that friendship when there are others more worthy. It is the same principle when investing our money or our time in our interests. I intend to invest more of my time in the arts for example because I think that could be more rewarding.

Overall, the need to review is driven by a need for change and a change that is considered and not one borne out of frustration or anger.

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