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The rewards of being careful with money #thrifty

If you’re careful with money and are thrifty and try to shop around as well as being frugal, you can save quite a lot of money. The rewards over the long-term come as an appreciating bank account but you also have to look at how to invest your money. Since 2011 I’ve been getting good returns from Zopa and I still get over 4% which beats any bank account. My rewards for being careful are more evident now as I can afford to spend more money of a few luxuries but I still ask if I really need a product before I buy it. I bought a smart TV and other things this year and my credit card got a lot more use, but I paid it off at the end of each month.

The rewards of being thrifty


The rewards for shopping at discounters means I can donate food to my local food bank. I went to Aldi yesterday to do my shopping and added some tea bags, a tin of curry and a kilo of long grain rice to my shopping that will go to the food bank. The store wasn’t as busy as usual and many people have returned to using the big four supermarkets because they have more choice. We are creatures of habit and so we don’t like to swap and change. I went to Asda last week so I could buy the things that Aldi doesn’t stock but spent twice as much money. I did find more bargains but a poorer quality on some things. The lower value of the pound has affected some prices. My Bovril cubes are now a £1 a box. They still work out quite good value for me, though. I need my late night drink!

Knorr chicken stock pots

I tried a Knorr chicken  stock pot last week and made some stew. It does add a nice flavour to your stew but I think I’ll try different brands. I need a gluten-free diet and but cheaper brands might be good if you can eat anything.

Luxury rewards

We all like a bit of luxury especially at Christmas and after scrimping and saving all through the year our reward can be luxury mince pies and sherry at Christmas, both of which can be bought at Aldi. Aldi consistently wins the accolades, year after year, for their luxury mince pies. The choice of quality alcoholic beverages surpasses the big four supermarkets each year too. I bought a bottle of decent champagne for less than a tenner.

Esoteric rewards

Some rewards are free or nearly free. The smile on a child’s face that make us happy too or the quiet satisfaction we sometimes feel from helping others or doing what’s right. Just saying thank you can be a reward that we give to others that they will value. Christmas is a good time to give these rewards and the more we give the more we tend to receive. Kindness at Christmas can make it a time of happiness  and we can create memories that will be cherished for many years to come.

Next week, I shall photograph an event to switch on the Christmas lights where I live. It will signal the beginning of the season of goodwill. I’ll still be thrifty and frugal but a little more generous!

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