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I watched a little of Britain’s spending secrets with Anne Robinson again last night. Once again it highlighted the gap between rich and poor and the discrimination against the disadvantaged. I saw a few seconds of a ‘benefits’ programme on channel 5 too, that was too disgusting to watch more.

The witch hunt against the disadvantaged goes on, it’s not their fault they are poor, uneducated or live in a less than desirable neighbourhood. I phoned the hospital yesterday and felt the same discrimination and they could only hear the sound of my voice and I ain’t posh! I will be seeing the chief executive at some time in the near future though and will have something to say to him.

Anyway, I popped in Asda this week, if you read my post yesterday, You’ll know I had some 8 x 10 photographs printed. Asda did them really well. I bought a few things and then queued for what seemed an eternity at the checkout. I’m used to fast service at Aldi, but the lady who printed the photos spotted me and brought them to me, not that’s good service.

The Aldi super-six this week are salad tomatoes (6), cauliflower, chantenay carrots (500g), white/red cabbage, onions (1kg) and snack pack grapes (170g). They are all 39p each. I paid 79p for 6 tomatoes in Asda. Just about everything was more expensive, but I wanted a turkey drumstick and some chicken wings and they don’t have those in Aldi.

The top special buy at Aldi today is a Medion notebook computer for 149.99. It only has 2 Gb of memory and 32Gb of flash memory instead of a hard drive. It runs Windows 10, so isn’t too bad. You won’t be able to install a lot of software though. There’s also a mini vacuum cleaner I might look at. It’s got a rechargeable battery so might be good for the car.

The special buys on Sunday are mostly for the bathroom, like toilet seats and towels.

I had a look at Tesco, but their website is hard to use because there is such a big selection. The selection in store isn’t always as good as on the website. I looked at grapes, they have a variety. The cheapest are £2.50 a kilo, then the seedless at £4.00 a kilo or organic at £5.00 a kilo.  It makes you wonder what the real difference is, they probably all taste the same. Having said that, if you’re loaded you should buy the organic, they are healthier. Right?

Asda was better on grapes, their grower’s selection (whatever that means) were  £2.50 a kilo; £1 for a 400g pack.


It seems many parents are spending lots of money on education or activities for their children. I would advise spending money on books too and technology. Kids need to become familiar with technology at an early age. Reading books will make reading automatic and fast and they  will get in the habit of acquiring knowledge through reading. You could also enrol them at a public library. These options will probably work out cheaper than a private education and maybe cheaper than many after school activities. Allow your kids to enjoy themselves too, we only get one life and one chance to live it. You are rich if you enjoy life, money helps, but you can have lots of money and not have a rich life.

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