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Rising prices could spoil Christmas #thrifty

We have seen a lot of rising prices recently mainly on food items because of the devaluation of the pound. Now OPEC has agreed to limit oil production and we could see rising prices associated with that. This price rise will be delayed, higher oil prices mean higher production costs in the future. The higher heating oil, diesel prices and petrol prices will come sooner, maybe before the end of the winter.


Many people have been saving money by shopping at the discounters. Aldi and Lidl together with some private discount supermarkets have been grabbing market share from the big four. Now the discounters are moving more to luxury goods too. Aldi usually has its luxury mince pies on the run up to Christmas but this year they have luxury hampers too. I think a lot of these special buys will be sold through the website and so might not take up space in the store. Aldi is now stocking more free range eggs and chicken which is a sign that it is going a little more upmarket. We have to continue to shop around and I now use both Aldi and the big four who are fighting back with lower prices.

Rising prices at the fuel pump

We have already seen some rising prices in the petrol stations but we will see more through the winter. We need to drive more carefully not only to avoid costly accidents but also to save on fuel. I’ll be changing my car next year and will be looking to save a little on fuel and other running costs. I’ll be changing my car for a smaller and more economical engine but not my driving habits, I still intend to drive to save fuel.


We are basically tribal people and most of us like life to be easy. There are bullies who like all their own way who become tribal leaders through oppressing others, but most us are nice people. We receive a Christmas card and our first instinct is to the send a card in return and the same applies to gifts. In psychology, this phenomenon is called reciprocity, the tendency to reciprocate like for like. It also extends in psychology to other behaviour such as saying thank you and showing appreciation. These are psychological rewards, we all like to be appreciated, we all like a little praise for the things we do. Older people who have gained a little wisdom coping with the trials of life know this and are more polite and considerate. Reciprocity is at its highest at Christmas and you can shower people with gifts without spending a penny just by being nice and giving people your time and goodwill.

Christmas gifts

I’ve started buying my Christmas gifts and a good idea is to get some gifts bags and fill them with goodies. Old fashion sweets from a sweet shop are good, as is chocolate but store chocolate somewhere cool. The things we used to have in Christmas stockings such as fruit and nuts are great in a goody bag. Notebooks, pens and felt tips are always useful, as is a diary. These things can be found in Poundland. Poundland photo frames are great too and if you frame a photo for a loved one,  then it is a very personalised gift. If you want a lot of photos then try Aldi’s photo service for printing.  The 8 x 12 prints are great at just 32p and if you cut a bit off will fit in a 8 x 10 frame from Poundland. Note that you should crop your photo so the aspect is 4 x 5. The aspect of my camera is 4 x 6 so I can have them printed 8 x 12 and they are great but then I need to cut 2 inches from them to fit the frame. If it is a picture of someone and you want them in the centre of the frame bear that in mind when cropping your picture. You could buy a more expensive 8 x 12 frame of course!

I’ll be giving you a few money saving tips on the run up to Christmas. We need to shop early and save what we can. My Matalan app on my phone has a voucher for 20% off, I might buy a new jumper. No, not a wear-once Christmas jumper, but one that will see me through this winter and maybe the next too. Rising prices are affecting clothing too so we have to use discounts when we can. Rising prices could spoil Christmas but not if we are thrifty and frugal!

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