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Robots having a laugh? #money

I was reading a forum this morning and someone suggested the reason by the world’s stock markets were so unstable was the robots having a laugh at our expense. Many transactions are now done by computers these days!

Fat fingers?

Computers don’t have fat fingers but if they are programmed to sell when prices drop doesn’t that cause prices to drop even further as other computers do the same thing?

The FTSE all share

The FTSE all share index was up and down this week. It’s up 1.79% at the time of writing compared to being down 3.42% at the close of play on Wednesday. Bad news does seem to cause trader panic. Every little war in the world and there are many causes panic and drops of other markets causes panic because of fear of contagion.


I’m watching prices and the ones making gains are Immupharma and Verona Pharma, both are doing well today. Verona Pharma has benefited from a director buying (always a good sign) and Immupharma is up 12% this morning. I assume the 12% added to the Immupharma price has something to do with the phase 3 trial of its drug Lupuzor.


The London stock market has been so bad just lately I’m now appreciating the 4% I’m getting lending money with Zopa. 4% with inflation at around 1% is quite good. You can get details of Zopa by clicking the link in the sidebar.

FTSE 100

The FTSE 100 is up 2% today at 5890, but still way below its high that was over 7000. We need a period of calm now with no new wars and no sudden changes in political influences. A nice steady rise in interest rates would help bring more investment into the market as less goes into the property market. The flight to safety sees popular shares in the FTSE 100 going overpriced but also sees worried investors turning to property and even gold.

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