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Take the rough with the smooth #ramble

It is not only Sunday morning but Christmas day too. Of course, I’m still writing blogs what else would I do on a Sunday morning? I share my thoughts on a Sunday morning and the fact that it is Christmas won’t change that. The year is coming to an end and so I can reflect on the year and set goals for 2017. So far 2017 looks promising but challenging, but that’s life, isn’t it? We have to take the rough with the smooth.

rough with the smooth

Take the rough with the smooth

Yes, Santa has gone and left our pressies and we have to think about the future. Life will have its ups and downs and we have to be prepared. For the benefit of children reading this, taking the rough with the smooth means we have to accept the difficulties in life as well as the pleasures. High school kids often read my blog posts for explanations of these well-known sayings. Anyway, I think my challenges in the new year with be health problems but I hope to change my car for a nice shiny one and I shall be looking for new opportunities to improve the community I live in. That won’t go smoothly either, you can never please everybody, can you? I’m not an expert photographer and that is still a challenge and so I’ll still be trying to get better photos with better white balance and colour balance. I have plans to do some different things with my writing too.

You can say a lot with images, so I’ll let my photos speak for me today. This site is nearly 5 years old so I’ll post some pictures from the last 5 years. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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